Qyuki – Directed and Produced by Shekhar Kapur and A R Rahman.

India’s most celebrated personalities in film fraternity Shekhar Kapur and A R Rahman, have joined hands with Cisco with cisco being a investore to launch a social media networking forum called Qyuki.

Qyuki allows anybody to upload content they have created, others on the forum can rate and comment about them.Experts from the media and film fraternity like writer Chetan Bhagat, film maker Imtiaz Ali, music director Ranjit Banot or photographer Suresh Natarajan are part of the platform wherein they can offer their expertise help to the members. This arena can be a place where people can be spotted by talent seekers – be it film or ad makers, event managers, publishers or musicians.

My First hands-on experience on Qyuki .

Looks intuitive , but the layout looks familiar.

both have the similar layouts:)

“There is so much imagination potential at the bottom of the class pyramid in India. If India is to grow, we have to provoke it (the imagination), bring it out,” Shekhar Kapur said.

Symbolic of the ‘technology power’ premise of the online platform, the launch was conducted over Cisco’s powerful telepresence system, with Kapur in Singapore, Rahman in Los Angeles, Cisco representative Hilton Romanski in San Francisco, and Qyuki staff and journalists spread across six cities in India. The system allows everybody to view lifesize images of speakers and participants all over.
Kapur said he was drawn to the idea out of fear that if he didn’t catch the latest trends (like in storytelling) and the best talents, he would “become a dinosaur”.

Rahman said the platform could in time enable India to take the leadership in the future of art forms.

Qyuki CEO and serial entrepreneur Poonacha Machaiah is looking at a variety of monetization models. The platform expects to attract advertising once it achieves a critical mass. It will offer digital creativity tools that people can use (for enhancing their work) by paying a subscription fee. “We will also have a marketplace, where talent seekers and talent givers can come together, and we get a share of any transaction between them,” Machaiah said.

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