Facebook is going to unveil a phone?

15th Jan is the day where Social networking giant Facebook has announced an event could just be just the launch of Facebook New Phone.

This is not the first time that we have heard rumours about the social networking website divulging into the smartphone space and the idea isn’t bad. The last time we heard rumours about the Facebook phone, we ended up receiving the HTC ChaCha, which was a standard smartphone with an added Facebook button for easy access to the social networking service. You can read our review of the smartphone here.

At the F8 event in 2011, the social networking website was expected to announce the infamous Facebook phone but instead we got a feature called Timeline.

Even if Facebook plans to unveil a Facebook Phone, there are a lot of questions that need answering. To start with, what OS will the smartphone run on? In a world where Android and iOS are leading the market with Windows Phone catching up can a new-dedicated social networking OS survive? Not to mention the fact that Facebook is available as an app across all the platforms. Read Facebook phones a waste of time?

One of the possibility would be the biggest trend setter, Android This would allow the OS to run hundreds of thousands of apps already out there. With Amazon seeing some success doing this with their Kindle Fire tablets (and soon their own phone as well), this could have emboldened Facebook to make the move now.

Another possibility is webOS. That OS won rave reviews as an elegant counter to iOS and Android when Palm released it several years ago. Then HP acquired the company, promising that they would “double down” on webOS. Then HP started playing a deadly game of musical chairs with their leadership and webOS was basically taken out back behind the shed. But HP did go out of their way to open-source the OS recently. So… I suppose it’s possible. But probably far less likely than Android simply because the ecosystem is already there and that OS is much more mature.

Probably even less likely is Facebook building their own OS from scratch. It’s simply a lot of work to do so. And again, without an ecosystem to support it, adoption could be rough (though maybe Facebook cares less about that if they’re targeting the emerging markets).”

So, lets keep our fingers crossed.

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