Krispy Kreme Donuts in blore:)

Krispy Kreme is a famed doughnut company founded in July 13, 1937. Krispy Kreme founder Vernon Rudolph bought a secret yeast-raised recipe from a New Orleans chef, rented a building in what is now historic Old Salem in Winston-Salem, NC, and began selling to local grocery stores.

This Chain of World Famous Doughnuts store “Krispy Kreme” finally launched their first store in India, that to in the garden city.Even a month before the launch of the Store in the IT capital of India “Bangalore”, there was a huge hype surrounded with the launch of the store.

They even had a contest running for the 1st 200 customers for the store launch for January 19th 2013 at Church Street, MG Road, Bangalore.The first customer to the store gets 1 year of free supple of donuts.

The Krispy kreme store has been managed by Citymax hotels and Landmark group in India which also manages Gloria Jean’s Coffees, Polynation Restaurant, Fun City.

Finally, The Bangalore Bloggers were invited for a food review meet for the india’s first Krispy kreme store.We were a group of 30 passionate food bloggers.we arrived at 8 pm and were greeted by Marketing manager of Krispy Kreme, Bandita Agnihotri.



We were taken for a guided tour of manufacturing process of Donuts,basically, the fully automated equipment was imported from the US and it has a patented technology.The secret recipe is loaded in the machine and the dough is run through it and made into doughnut and dipped in oil to fry it till it becomes golden brown and then it is moved to the glazing unit wherein the donuts get glazed to becomes the world famous “Original Glazed” Doughnuts.This process is fully automatic and each and every donut is very soft and fluffy.

Another section does the shells with flavor this section, the full buns has a hole pierced in sideways to squeeze in the flavours in the bun.






We were offered a box of assorted Doughnuts to hog on and it was my first time to taste the Krispy kreme donuts.
My first feeling was, as i digged my teeth into the delicious just melted in my mouth and was a bit too sweet,i am sure, no one can eat just one and trust me, this was one of the best fresh doughnuts i have ever had.though a but too much sweet might not be preferred by people who aren’t sweet tooth.

They are a array of doughnuts which has various flavors and each one had an intricate flavors oozing out.The doughnuts are served with coffee and drinks which goes well with the doughnuts and served as a quick snack bite with the loved ones to spend the evening .

After getting stuffed till the brim, the best thing was yet to come. We Actually got a chance to do the doughnuts and design our own donuts and every blogger got ready with gloves in their hands and doughnuts in other to do the icing on the donuts and create our own design.





We really had a lot of fun doing this and dipping the doughnuts in the molten chocolate and sprinkling, oreo crunches ,sprinkles etc.This is a really one of a kind of experience.Sweet tooth for the like minded people.

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