PVR – IMAX Star Trekking Xperience

On 11th May 2013, We were invited to watch the “Star Trek Into Darkness” the Sequel of the Star Trek Series at Bangalore Finest theatre , PVR – IMAX , at Forum Mall, Koramangala.This is the very first digital IMAX® theatre has arrived in South India and my first impression, has been a everlasting one.As we entered the theatre, IMAX was in Audi 1 and the lounge was an impressive one with IMAX gleaming all over.


There was a huge beeline to get into the hall.The total IMAX decor has been in blue.The blue carpet let us to the screen, which looks gigantic than usual.

The Auditorium looks fascinating.We got seated on our seats.the seating were comfy for amazing viewing experience.

Technically speaking,

IMAX theatre is significantly way better than the content played in the general theatre. The secret ingredient in the IMAX mix is DMR – or Digital Re-mastering.Its IMAX proprietary way of converting an already powerful movie into a breathtaking IMAX blockbuster with unparalleled image and sound quality.

IMAX often does the DMR after the film is shot,spends months on location and in the editing room of its DMR facilities with the director and technical teams of each film – planning the shots, re-mixing the sound, meticulously adjusting the saturation, contrast, brightness and hundreds of details in virtually every frame to present the film at its best.

The IMAX movie itself is shot with a special IMAX camera which is 70 millimeter film – twice as wide as its used in ordinary cameras – and special, custom lenses to capture a unique IMAX image. 70 millimeter film yields an extraordinary negative, brilliantly sharp, with a wider, more subtle color “gamut” and the richness many directors say only comes from film.,it contains a larger format, richer color, sheer scale and impact and larger than life experience.


The PVR IMAX is superiorly known for its display and sound.The geometry of PVR IMAX is unique.the large screen in the Theatre – it literally stretches from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.the screen is just not bigger, it’s also shaped differently – not only wider but higher and curved, as well– which creates an immerse experience no matter where you’re seated. The very material of the screen is also different, more reflective and brighter.

The whole work in the PVR IMAX finally boils down to one SINGLE THING. A extraordinary viewing experience to make feel being a part of the movie.

The best part of the PVR IMAX experience is the initial visual and sound testing before the movie is screened is something you shouldn’t miss watching it which is visually masterpiece.


As this was the 3D movie, the 3D glasses was different from the usual 3D movies.The movie first chase sequence in the movie was a feast to eyes that was relished.The amazing and sharper picture made me feel being in the movie itself.The movie has lots of gripping sequences which actually felt that the meteorite were falling on us.That was the clear cut clarity of the IMAX picture.The action sequences were highlighted very well with the DMR and also the sound quality was master class. The movie was enriched due to IMAX technology.This was one of the best Movie viewing experience ever.

Kudos to PVR IMAX Bangalore to bring down such marvelous Hollywood standard technology to India and enrich the user movie experience to the next level.I ve already made a list of all the movies i am gonna watch this year at IMAX itself just for the experience.its always worth every penny.

Looking forward to visit PVR IMAX again and again.


Pics courtesy:- http://www.imax.com/community/blog/pvr-cinemas-launches-the-first-digital-imax-theatre-in-south-india/

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