Chronicles of Cocktail – Scintillating Shiro

One of the finest Restaurant’s in India “Shiro'” has launched their “Special Edition of Cocktail Festival” from 3rd to 23rd June 2013.

Few of the bloggers and media got a sneak preview to taste the Cocktails in the Cocktail Festival.There was 17th specially made cocktails in the menu.Each one was made in an intricate manner with the right blend and essence of taste and aromas on the rise.


As we arrived the Shiro, which is situated at UB city, we are usually greeted by the larger than life Buddha statue.We headed to the bar where the Manager greeted us and was courteous enough to show the preparation methodology of the Cocktails with a personal touch by a mixologist.



We started off with “Pepper & Basil Caipirinha” Cocktail.It is made up of Cachaca,Sichuan Pepper Corns, White Pepper,Basil Leaves & Lime.

The Mixologist started off his craft so meticulously with Sichuan pepper corns in the glass with white pepper and lime,basil leaves he pounded all the ingredients well and added Cachaca to the glass and added crushed ice and topped it with basil leaves.

It had a fresh feel with a hint of tingling spice.

The next on the menu was one of the signature cocktail here , “Burnt Orange Martini”.It is made of Gin,Triple Sec,Burnt Orange Chunks,Fresh Vanilla and Peach.





The Mixologist starts off the second creation “Burnt Orange Martini”. He uses flamed burnt orange chunks into the glass and pounds it well and add triple sec,fresh Vanilla and peach.adds some ice cubes and mixes it well & adds martini and then transfers it to a different glass.He filters of the juice from the first preparation and then takes orange chunks and squeezes the juice and burns it simultaneously with a lighter.This gives the drink a totally flavor which orange juice essence oozing out.burnt orange adds a new twist to the cocktail.

The starters were served to have a food pairing with the cocktails.The Aloo fry was just the right combination to go well with the cocktail.

The Next in the line is “Ginger Rush”.The ingredients used are Vodka,Fresh Ginger,Cucumber,Lime juice & Sugar Syrup.





The Mixologist starts with pounding Fresh ginger chunks in the glass.he adds some lime and Cucumber to the glass, fills it up ice and adds vodka and sugar syrup to it.he juggles the drink well as pours it to a different glass.for the dressing,he adds a cut chilli to the glass which is eye appealing.It is served with Non Veg Chicken starter.The ginger and cucumber has a very appetizing flavor when consumed.

Next was “Sour Punch” which contains Tequila,Passion fruit Syrup & Tamarind Extract.


All the ingredients were in glass and the process of making all the cocktails were really a sight to watch out for.



The Mixologist adds Tamarind extracts with passion fruit syrup and mixes with tequila and pours it in a different glass after filtering it.The dressing has been done with tamarind.It has a tangy and sour taste that hits your throat.

Finally a Summer drink to end of our tasting. it is “Resonant Passion”.It contains Vodka,Triple Sec,Lime & Orange Juice,Watermelon,Peach & Passion Fruit Syrup.

This drink is made in a big glass.The Mixologist adds orange juice,Lime juice,Triple Sec,Peach & Passion Fruit Syrup with Watermelon and adds vodka to it.






Totally refreshed with all the Cocktail tasting and the amazing was a memorable night to remember.

I do recommend you people to definitely get it a try.


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