Mojito Madness @HRC Blore!!!

Well, what is a better way to beat the summer heat than having a drink, especially if its a Mojito . Nothing more like it.The best way to quench the summer thirst and heat together and we were lucky to be invited by Hard Rock Cafe Bangalore to experience their Exclusive Summer Collection launch of their Mojito Mania.

It was a Saturday evening on 11th may 2013 , it pretty much the typical Bangalore evening weather, where the weather changed for good,and started raining cats and dogs.

Hard Rock Cafe has a cult status across the world and Bangalore isn’t lagging in it,Hard Rock Cafe played some of the best songs and a really awesome place to unwind in the weekend.It was pretty crowded on a Saturday evening and we were at the reserved table for the Bangalore Foodie Bloggers.

The Mixologist was at our service and obliged our request and offered us all the variants of The Mojito, As we got ready to indulge in this perfect summer drink and enjoy the specially crafted fruity range, and relaxed our self to swoon to our favorite music.

HRC_Mohito Mania_Menu_02_wp


Honestly, the looks of the mojito itself was so appetizing and was a feast to the eyes.The Mojito were in 10 different flavors.

Each of the bloggers started off tasting the mojitos one by one, To start with, i had the Watermelon Mojito and immediately felt the essence of the intense flavors that were oozing just fills your mouth and soul, it was indeed really refreshing.The Slice of Watermelon with the Bacardi rum actually gave a new twist to the taste.It consists of Bacardi Rum, Sweet n sour,Mint, Fresh Watermelon,Soda and Sprite, garnished with lime wedge, watermelon and mint sprigs.


My Personal Favorite Mojito of course had been the Bacardi Bell Pepper Mojito.It really gave a new feel to the bell pepper altogether with the bacardi Lemon Rum, Sweet n sour,Fresh Red and Yellow Bell Pepper which was eye pleasing to look at,and added with soda and sprite,Finally garnished with Wedge and Mint Sprigs.This is something you shouldn’t miss out tasting at Hard Rock Cafe Mojito Mania.









Each and every drink of the 10 mojito had something unique to offer ,but Bell Pepper was my favorite and i bet you wouldn’t deny it,when you taste it.

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