The Great Indian Royal Feast- Fit for the King

Being a BIG foodie for the last 25 years , i always care for food than anyone or anything.If i have to throw a part to my friends, i will make sure,the party and its food lingers in the people mind for ages to come.I believe at Class and Simplicity at its best is class for me.

For a perfect party, i don’t need a ball room or pool side at the Leela, Taj , ITC or the Marriott etc. A Simple Front yard or even your apartment can be a perfect place to party and to enrich the experience, i would give the place a makeover, it deserves for the party.I would take my Apartment as the place to party and drape the hall with golden shaded curtain with dim lighting and have the seating decorated as a Durbar with golden light chandeliers and soft Mughal style cushions.The wall mounted lamps replicating as the baton.The Whole place should reprise the feel of Akbar’s Palace.

Even the Dress code would be the mughal is-style which u might mistake my house to be from the Jodha Akbar movie.That is exactly what i am having it in my mind, to recreate the experience and ambiance and of course the feast which were present during the Time of Mughal Era.

I would get out the Juke Box from the Attic to add to the ambiance and also play some soulful, melodious Sufi and Arabic Music.The music blends with the setting of the place and looks royal.I am sure my guests will be treated also royally with the Feast Fit for the King.

I have planned a Really special way of treating my guests with the All New Range of Gourmet Food s from ,A feast for the Sense. I have carefully selected the dishes with utmost care and dedication for the taste buds to run down the memory lane and a party better than the one in the movie “The Hangover”.

We arrive at the party main ingredient, Food.We start with The cuisine of Awadh,with The Kitchens of India “MUGHLAI PANEER”The generous use of the dry fruits like Cashew nuts and the well-ground choice of Spices & Condiments will make your senses go GAGA.

mughai paneer

This traditional dish of the Mughals, is prepared with cubes of Soft milky paneer prepared in delicate golden gravy of cashew nuts,topped with green cardamom, together with khoya, tomato paste, onion paste, garlic, ginger and other spices and condiments. The taste, the freshness, the flavour , Herbs and species and the aroma are all sealed in, as the exotic ingredients simmer to perfection and the taste reaming immortal.

The Ingredients of the Timeless Mughlai Paneer are :- Paneer (22.2%), Tomatoes, Onions, Edible Vegetable Oil, Water, Cashewnuts (6.6%), Khoya, Tomato Paste, Garlic, Iodised Salt, Spices & Condiments, Ginger and Green Cardamom Powder (0.1%).

The Next in the List is the 2nd Batsman of the non striker’s end,is Kitchens of India “Dal Bukhara” has the flavored aromas of the mystic Bukhara cuisines in its royal grandeur just the same way it tasted millenniums ago. relish the freshness of the ingredients skilfully cooked over the shimmering coal fires that bring out their spicy best, it brings out the right blend of taste and flavor.

Whole Black lentils in tomato gravy are simmered with rich Indian spices, dollop[ of cream and white butter. Skilful balancing of seasoning and mixing of just the right ingredients in right quantity makes the delicacy truly ‘A Feast for the Senses’The Royal texture and the taste is something to beckon for.


The Ingredients of the the mystic Dal Bukhara are :- Water, Urad Dal (16.5%), Tomato Paste (9.5%), Cream, White Butter, Garlic, Iodised Salt, Ginger and Red Chilli Powder.

With curries can be relished with exotic India breads ranging from Naa, Roti, Parotha, romali roti, kulcha , missi roti etc.

Once the curries are relished till brim, we can finish the main course with some helpings of Vegetable Biryani which i made using “Kitchens of India” Vegetable Biryani Mix.

Vegetable Biriyani is made out of the royal long size Basmati Rice with spices and fresh vegetables. Biryani is derived from Persian name berya which means fried or roasted. Made with a right blend of exquisite spices,The biryani is boiled and drenched off water and the rich-flavoured Vegetable Biriyani mix sprinkled with the right amount of seasoning and with the ample amount of vegetable added to give the rich look fit for the king with golden colored rice


The biryani was served with Veg Raita, which is made of curd and fresh cut tomatoes, onions, cucumber and green chillies and which a pinch of salt and pepper,its a perfect Jodi like Akbar and Birbal.Just to give twist to the tale, i would add the Mango Garlic chutney to the menu.

The reason behind this selection is that it would provide a hint of sweet and tangy taste which should blend well with the biryani, It sounds as a weird combination , but definitely worth a try.


The Mango Garlic Chutney will flirt with your taste bud as it is a unusual combination of condiments.Armed with a spicy and tangy twist, the Mango Garlic Chutney will add to the Oomph factor to any preparation and can be an excellent accompaniment to the Biryani.

The Ingredients are:-Sugar, Mangoes (50.2%), Garlic (1.4%), Acidity Regulator (INS 330), Iodised Salt and Red Chilli Powder.

Finally, We come to the slog overs to finish off the innings with the Sweet tooth Rich Desert, One of the most savored Desert in North Region of India, Kitchens of India “Jodhpuri Moong Dal Halwa”.


The JODHPURI MOONG DAL HALWA is an after meal all time favourite adored by Indians from ancient times.It gives the looks of a complete meal.It is a Rajasthani delicacy made from Moong dal and a rich mix of dry fruits like Almonds and generous dose of Sugar, Suji and Besan. Flavoured with aromatic Saffron,with makes the taste lingers for days to come.This desert finally finishes the innings of the Royal Feast in style making both the mind and soul satisfied and heart felt content.

Finally, to sum up , The ambience, entertainment, location and the gourmet products from Kitchens of India truly is a perfect combination for the Simple but Royal Feast fit for the king.The guest at the party will feel KING size by the luxury & lifestyle of the food.

This is what i call, Simplicity at its best.

For trying out such grandeur dishes directly at your doorstep, Please go to Kitchens of India and buy online and recreate the Akbar Experience.

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