29th May 2013 was the D-Day for CSR who are the pioneer in semiconductors.CSR inaugurated their new facility in Bangalore.This facility would house 200 -300 seater capacity for R&D.


CSR is a pioneering designer and developer of silicon and software for the consumer electronics market.They have enabled to find simple solutions to complex problems.They have transformed the lives of motorists, photographers, music lovers, mobile phone users and other gadget-loving consumers.

Their energies are focused on five sectors:

Voice and music, including headsets, speakers and docks for high definition wireless experiences
Location, helping to bring the outdoors in and allowing people to find their way around airports or shopping centres for example Automotive infotainment, driving innovative solutions for the auto industry with the integration of smartphones and in-vehicle systems Bluetooth® Smart, capitalising on low energy connectivity for a range of devices Imaging (cameras and printers), delivering integrated connectivity, location and imaging.

CSR is at the frontrunner of developing semiconductors and software for a host of world-leading technology platforms and standards, including Bluetooth®, GPS and other location technologies, FM radio, Wi-Fi®, Near Field Communication and numerous others.







A Group of Media and bloggers where invited by the Management of CSR to have an insight of the company vision,mission and their road map to their future plans.

We were greeted by the CEO of CSR,Joep van Beurden.He presented us the detailed information about the company and their position in the industry and history of semiconductor industry on the whole.

The changes in the trends of the semiconductor industry.The market Revenue of the semiconductor industry since 1990 with $20 billion which has grown exponentially to $300 Billion industry and expected to touch $350 billion by 2015.

The Leaders in the Semiconductor industry have been changing regularly.Only a few stay on the top of the table for more than 3 Decades.

CSR vision is the vast and abundant opportunity available.

CSR Strategic objectives are:-
1)Platforms & Differentiated Solutions.

CSR five platforms for growth that are their target arena are:-
Bluetooth smart,voice & music,Automotive,Location, & Imaging.

In the overall Market Position,CSR ranks 1st in Voice & Music,Imaging,Bluetooth Smart and 2nd in Automotive infotainment.The new unseen territory is Indoors Location.

CSR share price had increase exponentially from 200 in Jan 2012 to 550 to May 2013.

The future of Semiconductor industry is going to boom more than expected and CSR is going to be a leader in it.







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