Pinkberry Launch in Bangalore.

The world’s leading yogurt retailer “PinkBerry” which has recently launched in India’s booming restaurant sector after launching successfully in 17 other countries.Pinkberry is a global brand launched in USA in 2005 with more than 180 stores across the world.

Pinkberry has been innovating yogurt experiences since it launched in West Hollywood, CA, in 2005. Today, with more than 180 stores worldwide, Pinkberry is one of the world’s fastest growing global retail brands and continues to lead the frozen yogurt category. Pinkberry offers consumers a signature experience comprised of distinct product, exceptional service and inspirational design.

Pinkberry’s flavors, fresh-cut-daily fruit and premium toppings offer an irresistible light and refreshing taste. From irresistible yogurt flavors and toppings to store design to exceptional customer service Pinkberry delivers quality and freshness that delights and refreshes consumers.


JSM Corp has associated with Pinkberry in india are offering the Indian customers distinct flavors and refreshing yogurt experiences. The Pinkberry launch will take them a step closer towards continuing to create happy customers”.

Pinkberry has launched their Bangalore’s first store in Indiranagar in July 2013.One of the lucky few bloggers who were invited for the store’s launch preview 2 days before the official launch.

The Store is located at one of the most premiere restaurant roads in bangalore,100 Feet, wasn’t difficult to figure it out as the store was already bustling with pinkberry patrons across the world waiting for their turn to relish the latest offerings of Yogurt by Pinkberry.



We had to wade our way to the counter and the pinkberry offerings were diversified. Honestly, this was my first time at pinkberry store and with all the hype of the famous yogurt brand worldwide, i was just raring to go and grab my cup of pinkberry yogurt.

The pinkberry official were courteous enough to give us an tasting of all the flavours of frozen yogurt before i made up my mind to taste salted Caramel. It was one of the best frozen yogurts i have ever tasted.The next Yogurt was the original flavor which had topping on it and tasted good.

Green apple was tangy and mango was a bit sour.Chocolate was superb. THe decor of the store was typical american style with some nice outdoor seating too.To attract the local crowd, they have deviced new toppings like dhokla and chevda.Though havent tasted them yet, but i would really love to get my hands on the desi style yogurts.






Though i am sure most of the people in India aren’t accustomed to frozen yogurt and this is the right opportunity for pinkberry to capitalize this arena in the industry.

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