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All the Short Term program has been developed keeping in mind the need of Media & Entertainment industry today. The Program accordingly creates a strong platform for students to enter the fast growing, exciting and dynamic avenues of AVGC [Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming & Comics]sector like, Animation [Traditional / Digital] | Gaming | Visual Effects | Comics | Film. Students are initiated into Principles, techniques and practices as an integral part of their study. They are offered an option of specializing in the work area of their choice during their study; extensive experiential learning that prepares them for Industry.

Given the dynamic nature of the M&E industry, the Program has been designed with contemporized courses, while still adhering to core traditional &creative concepts and philosophies.
List of Programs:
1. Diploma in 3D Animation
2. Diploma in Visual Effects
3. Diploma in Traditional Animation Design
4. Diploma in Motion Graphics
5. Diploma in Comic Design & Illustration
6. Diploma in Digital Film Making

“To bridge the demand and supply gap of human resource in AVGC sector”
The objective is to provide students with the skills & knowledge required for employment or further training in AVGC sector. The theoretical and practical skills taught in this program reflect the diverse range of skills required to work in this industry.

Students attain strong traditional skills with storytelling abilities that can then be applied to digital technology. The program is designed focusing on the main areas of the Industry which includes: Traditional Animation, Motion Graphics, Comic Design, 3D Animation, Visual Effects & Digital Film Making. Emphasis is placed on creating anindustry preferred professional quality demo reel / portfolio following industry standards. Upon completion the student is ready to enter the workforce in a number of positions.

Demand in Industry
Animation is one of the fastest growing career options in our country these days. The want for more and more skilled animators has brought about a rise in job opportunities and ascended the demand for animation as a lucrative career option. The demand has exceeded the supply as the animation industry requires more skilled professionals every year.

Estimates for the industry indicate robust growth over next five years
The overall M&E industry size grew from INR 579 billion in 2008 to INR 587 billion at a rate of 1.4 percent. The growth rate is expected to increase to ~11.2 percent in 2010, as the industry witnesses a recovery. The CAGR from 2006 to 2009 has remained at 10 percent and the industry is expected to grow at a rate of 13 percent in next five years.
TV and Print are the largest sectors of the industry contributing to greater than 70 percent of the revenues. Their dominance is expected to continue going forward. Sectors like Gaming and Internet have shown the highest growth rates due to the small base effect and the trend is expected to continue.

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Why these Programs
India the hub of animation industry, which was once dominated by the West. Among all the Asian countries, India has got the potential and the creative juices to produce world class animations.
Television, film and advertising industry all have an insatiable demand for animations and special effects. Further, India, steeped in rich cultural heritage and mythology coupled with the technology know-how, is producing full-length animation movies and short animation features.
However, this boom would not only be confined to the animation industry but also spill over to the Comic, Mobile & Gaming industries [AVGC]. All this means more and better employment opportunities for Traditional & DigitalArtist and an increasing international recognition of Indian artist.

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