“Fine dine with Wine”-Four Seasons’ Indian Wine – Food pairing session for bloggers at Fava, Bangalore

Fine dine with wine has become the next big thing in the hospitality industry.The importance of wine has been on a growing curve and to enlighten the people and bloggers, Four Seasons wines had invited me for an “Indian Wine” food pairing session.

A pleasant saturday noon wherein the well known food bloggers in Bangalore were invited for this exclusive event.The venue for the event was Kava , Bangalore, one of the finest Mediterranean restaurants in Bangalore.Our host Ms Kamakshi had done an amazing job setting up the whole event and the host of the day was Mr Amit Chavan, who represents Four Seasons wines from the United Spirits.


The agenda of the day was basics of food and wine pairing.Being an extraordinaire in the field of wines,he shared his insights on the most common myths about wines and our misconception about wines and having the wrong idea on the wine-food pairing.He imparted a great deal of knowledge about wines from the demographic to the geographic locations and also the life cycle and process cycle of wine preparation.

Some of the tips shared by Amit, While hosting a dinner part.

“Worry about wine….last! ,Figure out what you will be eating /preparing first,then pick your wine”.

“A good food/wine pairing can make your wine and your food taste better”.

“Common myths about food/wine pairings, Cheese and white wine , meat and red wine”.

The basic wine and food principle is that complementing and contrasting of the 2 subjects.

The complement principle involves choosing a wine that is similar in some way to the dish.Wine should not dominate food neither food should dominate wine, there should be a right balance.For ex:- Light bodied wine with lighter dishes , medium bodies wine to go with fuller fish and full bodied with heavy dishes.

The Weight of the food, the flavour intensity and the acidity levels does have an impact in the food-wine pairing.

The next principle is the contrast principle where the wine with touch of sweetness can tone down the spiciness of the food and make more pleasant dining experience.






Finally, the main part of the event was wine tasting.

we were served with
Four Seasons Shiraz,
Four Seasons sauvignon Blanc,
Four Seasons Chenin Blanc,
Four Seasons Viognier

Mr Amit told us to taste each of them one by one and also smell them wherein each one was distinct with their unique taste notes.

MY favourite was Four Seasons Sauvignon Blanc which has a good mix with spicy food.

The FAVA has a specialized menu just for food-wine pairing and the first in the lot was the first course.







Plated Avocado Hummus which is made up of Avocado,tomato,onion,chilli,roasted cumin,green coriander and lime.

Porcini mushroom risotto with roasted garlic and arugula.The white wine did go well with the main dish.

All well that’s ends well. We finished with extra helpings of the dessert.Turkish coffee & chocolate pudding.A perfect climax to end an enjoyable and intellectual day.

For more Information on the wines.

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