The Legendary Stan Smith portable Museum

I am sure not everyone would have hear of MR Stan smith and it is not suprising but shocking as Stanley Roger “Stan” Smith is a former world No. 1 American tennis player and two time Grand Slam singles champion who also, with his partner Bob Lutz, formed one of the most successful doubles teams of all time.


Born on December 14, 1946 in Pasadena, California.He is the legend who has been signed up by Adidas orginals to recreate the experience of the sportman’s best friend, the shoes.

In 1970, Smith won the first year end championship Masters Grand Prix title. Smith’s two major singles titles were the 1971 US Open (over Jan Kodeš in the final), and 1972 Wimbledon (over Ilie Năstase in the final). In 1972, he was the year-ending world No. 1 singles player.[1] In 1973, he won his second and last year end championship title at the Dallas WCT Finals. In addition, he won four Grand Prix Championship Series titles. His name is also used in a popular brand of tennis shoes. In his early years he improved his tennis game through lessons from Pancho Segura and the Pasadena Tennis Patrons.

As a kid, he went to get a job as a ballboy at the Davis Cup but was turned down because the organizers thought he was too clumsy



Adidas Stan Smith is a tennis shoe made by Adidas as sneakers.
Adidas approached him to endorse the so-called Haillet shoe in 1971.

The Stan Smith Adidas Original Collection”is launched and to promote the occasion, a shoe box pop up store has been assembled in delhi to spread the awareness about stan smith and you can learn more about the legend and You can also grab your pairs.

The Pop-up box is designed as a show box shape which is a museum.There is a Tennis Game which allows you to virtually compete against the legend Stan Smith.some prized shoes, merchandize are in display and this is a place for all the great plans for Stan smith. you can get your Stan Smith like Silhouette Photo Printed at the Museum.

This is one experience you shouldn’t miss.



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