Food straight from the land of pandas – GINGER TIGER

The latest offering by JSM Corporation Pvt Ltd is Ginger Tiger. The newly launched restaurant offers an authentic Chinese-inspired cuisine and delectable stir fries, fresh off the live-counter.Ginger Tiger located in Indiranagar, one of the most popular areas of eateries in bangalore, a menu that infuses the chinese flavours and is sure to delight the guests with its mouth drooling delicacies and its refreshing ambience and the new concept of unlimited stir-fry bowls that would just bowl you off.All this and much more in a casual dining format! The restaurant comes with a promise of unparalleled dining experience that offers an exciting array of dishes in a perfectly laid-back ambience.

On the designated Wednesday, mid week of February,We were invited for the restaurant review of the newest restaurant in the cluster of Restaurant hub of indiranagar. We are welcomed by the head Chef Mr Priyank who has been always very hospitable.The first look of the restaurant gives u a warm feeling of an authentic Chinese restaurant with warm orange dim lighted ambience that relaxes and soothens your nerves.There is an open kitchen that allows us to watch the masters show off their talent with the delicacies and it is a sight to watch for.





Once all the bloggers arrived. We were seated and the chef explained us about the “Main idea: behind starting ginger claps in Bangalore as The need of an authentic Chinese cuisine restaurant with an affordable price point was a gap that had to be filled and that is what exactly Ginger tiger is here for.It has been couple of months since its open and the response has been phenomenal especially the unique “Make your way Stir Fry bowl” that allows the users to make their own customized stir fry bowls the WAY YOU LIKE IT.

We start off with the Appetizers, Vegetable Spring Rolls are the ones that were made with finely copped vegetables and perfectly fried and it was a delight to gobble it.The vegetable steamed momos were steamed perfectly with the steam and aromas oozing out perfectly gives you an authentic chinese meal experience.








Stuffed mushrooms and hot garlic sauce was one of my favourite appetizers of ginger tiger and would recommend it for any mushroom lover with juices and cheese oozing out with every bite is just yummilicious.

Batter coated zucchini with sweet chili bean sauce is also one of the highlighted dish of the place and would recommend to try at-least once.

The veg Sweet corn soup was a regular good soup.

We ordered some of the signature dishes of ginger tiger such as Sliced aubergine in chilli hot bean sauce, kung pao mixed vegetables with waterchestnuts , diced paneer in singapore chilli sauce are the dishes we had tasted.

The dished has a hint of honey and tangy sweet taste that gives us a authentic chinese restaurant flavour.

A chinese meal without Rice & noodles is just incomplete and the chilli garlic fried rice and noodles is just what it is made out.The noodles were perfectly made and worth every bite.

We come to the main unique method , Unlimited stir fry bowls which is totally customised as we are given a form to select the vegetables we would like in a stir fry bowl is a killer concept and would definitely like a personalized meal.

Finally, my favourite time of the meal is dessert was the most surprising and unique dish ever “Chocolate spring rolls” that is a must try with chocolate oozing from spring rolls is just a chocolate fantasy.




As usual, Sizzling fudge brownie got me indulged with my sweet tooth.

My Verdict :- 4/5.
This is a place for foodie lovers who prefers no frills, authentic food and would appreciate the experience and food ,this is a must try for a perfect chinese meal with you loved ones.

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