musical jugalbandi

A unique annual festival sponsored by Kotak Mahindra bank, Banyan Tree’s Splendor of Masters festival is in its fifth consecutive year which hosts some of the versatile musicians in the world.

“Splendor of the Masters”, a truly memorable and a much-awaited musical event organized was held recently in Chowdaiah Memorial Hall, Bangalore. The innovative combination of musical styles and genres showcased in this striking music festival was indeed appreciable.Kotak Mahindra bank has brought together musicians from diverse streams, creating an intense melodious jugalbandi.


Continuing the tradition of musical extravaganza of featuring the musical magicians, one of its kind never before ensemble that is marvellous in content and unparalleled in artistic synergy.

This year Splendor of Masters will feature:
• Ustad Shujaat Khan (Sitar, New Delhi)
• Prasanna (Guitar, New York)
• Phil Mathurano (Drums, New York)
• Selvaganesh (Kanjira, Chennai)
• Abhishek Raghuram (Vocal, Chennai)

The musical experience began with a amazing sitar recital by the maestro Ustad Shujat Khan. The sitar recital was a melodious recital to the glittering combinations of artistes who synchronously executed richly imaginative sequences such as Hindustani classical instrumental, Carnatic classical instrumental and vocal, Jazz , etc.The performance provided the positive vibes for the audience. Shujat Khan kept the audience spell bound by playing the composition “Darshan Devo Shankar Mahadev”.The jugalbandi for sorts with an absolute delight.

The next on stage was Prasanna on the guitar, Selvaganesh on the khanjira , Phil Mathurano on the drums and Abhishek Raghuram. The.The presence of such diverse personalities created a harmonic symphony. Prasanna started with musical remix in the ‘jazz’ and ‘blues’ styles , producing unique melodic sequences with a lingering touch of Carnatic classical ragas.The vocalist Abhishek Raghram joined them establishing a meaningful connection between diverse melodic strains and VidwanSelva Ganesh’s rhythmic intricacies and prowess in the khanjira were recreated by an synchronous on the drums by the Brazilian drummer Phil Mathurano.




The final part of this musical extravaganza was the grand final sequence when the legends appeared together on the stage to create a symphony of sorts of Hindustani classical, Carnatic classical, Bhajan, Sufi and ghazal traditions. This was a sight for musical fans with the masters performing on the same stage.

While these masters represent different musical styles and are very individualistic in terms of their playing techniques, together they simply create magic with their music.


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