Fashionably yours- Fashion Vodka

It had been a long week. I needed a time out. Time to relax and let my hair down a little. Friday was finally here. And nothing better than a drink, some music and your best friends.

This Friday was not the usual though. Michael Adams Fashion Vodka was written all over it. Wrapped in a velvet pouch, this delicate darling bottle added a different flavour to my week off. The minute I untied the noose around its neck and opened the bottle, I knew it was hatke. Unlike the usual strong odoured vodkas, this filled the room with a pleasant smell that lingered throughout the evening.


This flavourless vodka is amazing. Drink it neat or with something soft, it tastes absolutely delicious. Mixed with a little cranberry juice and a hint of lemon, this vodka is just right for a cocktail. You can also try tender coconut water as a mixer if you’re looking for a new taste. Turn on your favourite playlist and you’re ready to relax. Not to forget some crispy tangy corn to munch on if hunger pangs creep in.


You can now imagine what my weekend was like. Not too strong, not too light- this drink is THE drink for all the people with a taste. For fine vodka. And trust me, you won’t get up with a hangover. Cheers to Michael Adams.

The launch of FASHION VODKA marks the launch of the very first F BEVERAGE in India. India would be the first market after Poland, wherein the internationally celebrated FASHION VODKA will be produced indigenously at a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility meeting the brand’s stringent international standards. The brand is imported from Poland in the all the remaining 55 countries. Although vodka is still only 3 percent of the Indian spirits market as per the recent International Wine and Spirits Report, white spirits in general and vodka in particular are growing with leaps at 22 percent CAGR against an Industry average of 12 percent CAGR. With the launch FASHION VODKA, Kristal Spirits aims to capture a significant stake in the 1 million case units strong premium vodka segment. The internationally acclaimed brand is targeting sale of 72,000 case units within the first year of launch and is ambitious of selling over 0.5 million case units by 2018. In order to appeal to the aspirational values of the Indian youth, the brand is strategically priced, bridging the gap between the brands that are available at Rs. 950 range and the premium imported brands that are available in the Rs. 2000 range.


FASHION VODKA Party Collection is for those who seek a fashionable lifestyle and enjoy partying at home or in bars and clubs, work and play hard. For those whose sense of style and aesthetic sets them apart from the crowd; young, sharp, metropolitan, cultured. FASHION VODKA Party Collection is enjoyed fashionably and responsibly.


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