Egg the pizza at Pizza corner

Eggelicious Extravaganza at Pizza Corner!
~Enjoy the all new “Eggsotic Pizza”~

Pizza Corner once again brings you a reason to celebrate this season. Treat your taste buds to its all new fabulous addition to the menu- the “Eggsotic Pizza”

Egg pizza

The new Eggsotic Pizza contains slices of boiled egg wedged in between the gooey goodness of yummy cheese.
Eggsotic Pizza is perfect for this summer. During this sultry, energy-draining season, eating more eggs is a fantastic way to give yourself a health boost. Eating whole eggs is vital to gain more energy.
Pizza Corner’s Eggsotic Pizza ensures that you have the goodness and the yumminess of eggs packed into one delicious pizza!

But this delight doesn’t just end here! Economically priced at Rs. 335/- & Rs. 385/- respectively, the all-new Eggsotic Pizza offers two add-ons:
1. with yummy potato pops
2. with chicken chettinad

So, whether you are an eggetarian or love chicken & egg both, the new Eggsotic Pizza is the right choice for you.
Rush to your nearest Pizza Corner store today or dial us at 44112233 / 18604251861 and relish the goodness of our cheesy, delicious Eggsotic Pizza.

About Pizza Corner
Pizza Corner was the first brand launched by GFA in India at Chennai in 1996. In India Pizza Corner offers a wide range of innovative fresh pizzas and side dishes in formats of large dine-in restaurants and Express kiosks. It has a total of 57 stores (Dine-in & Express Kiosks) in India across 18 cities including – Bangalore, Mysore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pondicherry, Trivandrum, Calicut and Varanasi. Pizza Corner has an extensive range of products to satisfy India’s vibrant food palates. Pizza Corner is constantly innovating and serving a wide range of delicious high-quality pizzas in a vibrant fun & friendly environment; an innovative and extensive variety of pizzas and wholesome food with choice of toppings, sauce & crust. The menu has more than 15 pizzas across the Classic and Indian varieties. Pizza Corner offers innovative menu, warm & prompt service, along with a special play area for tiny tots and activities for kids.

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