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The Launchpad of an innovative initiative in Delhi on 1st of December 2013.Tadpoles.in was born.The initiative gives an new angle to sports journalism in India.

Everybody wants to know more about a successful person. But, people don’t become successful overnight. Who encourages them during their days of hard work and preparation? Who has faith in them when they are unsung heroes?
Tadpoles.in – the world’s youngest online sports magazine is here to track, discover and encourage the sports stars who have the potential to create history.

Get inspired by their tales of struggle, passion and triumph.

Tadpoles.in is not just another sports website, but a platform for young and talented sportspersons. It brings to the fore the vast amount of sporting talent that lies hidden in the depths of this nation.

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Like any initiative this can only become a reality when all of us plunge in together and change the face of sports in our nation, make India not just a cricketing nation but a sporting nation. For together we believe that nothing is impossible.

There will soon be a day when newspapers and news agencies will not just talk about the MS Dhoni and Cristiano Ronaldo, but talk about the stars of the future; the champions in the making.


With just 4 months since its inception, Tadpoles.in has come across numerous talented young individuals, be it cricketers, swimmers, shuttlers, etc.

Each one of these kids is a tadpole and there lay numerous others hidden amidst the chaos all around us.

Every youngster in the world of sports is a tadpole today, and a champion tomorrow.

Every youngster in the world of sports is a tadpole today, and a champion tomorrow.

We would like you to have a look few of our inspiring stories:

1)Tanvie Hans: The first Indian girl to be playing for English Premier League club Tottenam Hotspur.

She, at such a young age has accomplished what no Indian has.We wish her all the best. http://bit.ly/AnIndianinTottenham

2)Vijay Zol, captain of India’s Under-19 cricket team, is an extraordinary player from a very ordinary town. http://bit.ly/PlayingHisOwnStyle

3)Basharat Baba Bashir, is the only Indian footballer who has practiced with Brazilian superstar Neymar in Santos FC in faraway Brazil.But, in India there are no takers for him.

He wants people to change their attitude, not every Kashmiri is a terrorist. This is his struggle. http://bit.ly/1oLOR15

A sleepy Maharashtra town, known world wide for open-toed, T-strapped sandals, was suddenly on the world karting map. Krishnaraaj Mahadik, the 2nd Indian to have reached last year’s finals of the World Go Karting Championships. http://bit.ly/1qhHJdB

5)Feature Story – Cricket in Taliban Land
Every morning, scores of young girls – wrapped from head to toe – learn cricketing skills in Afghanistan, a country ravaged by decades of internecine violence. http://bit.ly/1mlV1Xz

6)Feature Story – Cricketers of the lesser God
Around the time when the heat and dust of the world cricket was keeping thousands of fans on their edge in Mirpur in Bangladesh, a match happened in Dubai, home to the International Cricket Council (ICC). Cricket for the disabled. Their determination is bound to inspire you. http://bit.ly/1hRA2Z8

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