The Boat that sails to your heart- Paper Boat Drinks

The Name paper boat evokes our childhood memories of the good old times where we as kids were fascinated by the simple life like making paper models such as aeroplane,Boat etc. and everything amused us and the life was beautiful and “LIFE IS STILL BEAUTIFUL”.

Paper boat according to me, is relishing and remembering the finer and simpler things of life.Especially you will never the things you did for the first time in your life like making a paper boat, etc.


The brand has stuck to basics and decided to make a drink out of it.As we know,There are so many drinks in the market that are good in taste and healthy too.but Paper boat as a brand has gone 1 step ahead to actually go to the roots of the drink with its historical and geographical combination and spins up a tale.Everything has a origin and a first time and the experience of the drink for the first time when emulating the taste with hygiene and safety.

Intricatingly each drink has been made with utmost care with an rich history to back it up.
The Flavours that are offered by Paper boat is


The drink Sold at Rs. 30/- and the quantity is 250 ml.The packaging of the paper boat drinks is pretty bright and refreshing.

After doing a string of wine tasting session, this is quite refreshing with very unique taste notes linked with each flavours lingering in my taste buds.


Imili ka Amana

Paper Boat’s Imli ka Amana, was like tamarind water and this is the first time we have come across an packaged tamarind water.It wasn’t as per my expectation as it was way to liquid,but i am sure the taste would catch on.


This flavour is pretty famous summer drink that can rejuvenate your body,mind and soul.It is made up of cumin, lemon juice, salt and black pepper.It has a khatta meetha twisty taste to it and it is also know for good digestion.



Before tasting this flavour,had a clear picture of having another regular mango juice which tastes like the tried and tested Maaza or Slice.But to my pleasant surprise, this was more pulpy,thick and felt like the real mango juice instead of the artificial sweeteners.
I loved this one for sure.

Golgappe ka Paani

How many of you have tried or heard of bottled/canned Gopgappe ka panni.I am sure everyone relished the roadside chaats where the vendor gives oodles of paani with golgappe/panni puri.
It has the distinct taste of tamarind with salt, red chilli powder, cumin, aamchur powder and coriander powder.It has the authentic flavour and tingles my taste buds.


Kokum is normally used in dishes in south coastal regions and it was a pretty soothing and refreshing and actually liked the taste of it having tried for the first time.


Aam Panna

As the name goes, it is the raw mangoes and has that tangy twisty khatta meetha taste that will make you crave for it during the summer.It is a perfect summer cooler drink.

Jaamun Kaala Khatta

Jaamun is something i don’t prefer by default and wouldn’t be my first choice as a flavour .The juice was more on a spicier side and does not leave the trademark blueis feeling on your taste buds.I would personally give this flavour a passe.

Overall, most of the flavour were blockbusters and enjoyed every sip of it as it has a sense of homeliness and self content with every drop that touches your throat and parches your thirst.

I would thank paperboat to give me an sample of their drinks for an refreshing review experience for the summer.

Paper Boat Drinks manufactured by Hector Beverages are one of the newest entrants to the packaged juice industry. Aimed at putting one in a reminiscing mood, they have largely expanded their operations from what it was in 2012 and now cater to multiple airlines, marts and malls making it a national brand.

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