21 Years old Scotch Whisky – Black Dog Quintessence

As we all know, the legacy of black dog has been over the years since Walter Millard, a Scot in British India, traveled to Scotland in 1883 in search of an impeccable whisky. His search ended in a blend created by James Mackinlay, of the second generation of the Leith Scotch Whisky blending family.

Being a keen angler himself, Walter Millard named the whisky Black Dog in honour of his favourite salmon fishing fly used in the Spey and Tay rivers of Scotland since the early 19th century. Thus was born Black Dog Whisky.Today, more than a hundred years later, Black Dog Whisky remains faithful to the original blend.


Many considers Black Dog 21 years old as pure liquid gold which is Hand crafted to meticulous perfection by our Master Blender.Till date, Only 25 of the finest single malts and grain whiskies have been drawn from the Highland region of Scotland, in particular from the beautiful Speyside Valley to provide that special key – “finesse”.A perfect partnership as it may sound is that each individual part has made its own inimitable contribution. A right balance has been maintained throughout this noble elegant spirit. Thanks to a long marrying period in the finest Oloroso sherry butts this has only been achieved. They have an eye for detail and they are intricately selected from Spain’s noblest Bodegas of Gonzalez Byass in Jerez de la Frontera. Aged in the finest Oloroso sherry for minimum of 30 years these Matusalem butts provide the perfect platform to marry and mould our Black Dog 21 years old Blended Scotch Whisky.

Here are the characteristics and taste notes of 21 Years old Scotch Whisky – Black Dog Quintessence.

Colour – It has an dark amber gold with shimmering highlights

Taste – bold and magnificent. This outstanding blend must be given the reverence and respect it richly deserves. For twenty one years these aged single malts and grain whiskies have remained dormant in our cold dark warehouses before they were finally blended together by our master Blender. Therefore the spirit must be held long on the palate for at least twenty one seconds to awaken its many hidden attributes. Like a rare masterpiece it will reveal its inner beauty. It’s inner world. Intense flavours of Seville oranges, ripe sweet mangoes and ginger spice reward the palate, then whispers of bitter chocolate, liquorice and crushed almonds drift lovingly on.

Nose notes – a bouquet of seductive aromas that arouse and tingle your senses.The flirtatious smell of Soft peaches and ripe citrus fruits coupled with pear, marzipan and bergamot.It is as silky as Velvet and smooth. The maturation by sherry casks also plays an important role in prefect smell.

So cheers and have a fine day with a Black Dog Quintessence 21 yrs old Scotch whisky.

Disclaimer: The content featured above is only for people aged above 25 years.

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