A perfect combo of Oscar movies, Big Banyan Wines and cheese.

One of a kind two-day wine and cheese festival – The Big Banyan Fest was held at Jus’ Trufs Café at Jakkur on 26th and 27th of April. A Combo that can create wonders is Cinema and a sip of wine, Truly Divine.A perfect weekend for wine and movie lovers wherein the wine and cheese event saw the showcasing of Big Banyan wines followed by the screening of Oscar nominated movie, The Good Road.Gyan Correa was also present at the event for an interaction.



The first wine showcased that evening was the Big Banyan Sauvignon Blanc which was ideally paired with a unique herbed-flavored cheese.This wine has a delicate citrus aromas with a few herbaceous notes,which had a royal feel as it tingles your senses.Bangalore wine patrons and enthusiasts and page 3 were present at the event.

The Big Banyan Merlot which originates in the French Bordeaux region has a delicate and fruity aromas with a velvety finish and is a versatile, easily pairing with Italian food such as pizza,pasta, as it does with meats and even lightly spiced tandoor based Indian foods.


“The appreciation for wine is widespread in our social canvas today. Its versatility in terms of a pairing with a cuisine has made it a drink for just about any palate. It is a beverage that enhances every course, be it an appetizer, a main or a dessert,” says Mr. Debabratha Banerjee, Executive Director, JDPL

The audiences were spellbound with both the wines and its pairing with cheese as well as other foods. It set the perfect base for the screening of the movie which had everyone present enthralled to the last frame.An perfect weekend evening for the people who were present at the event.


About Big Banyan Wines:

Big Banyan Wines was launched in 2007, after three years of intensive research and background work. The premium wine division is headquartered in Bangalore with its winery in Goa. Big Banyan Wines has a portfolio of classic wine labels, all created under the able guidance of renowned Italian winemaker, Senor Lucio Matricardi from University of Milan.

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