Age in scotches not matter anymore when there is a triple matured scotch like TGR

If you are a Scotch Whisky fan, you would be already aware that it labels its scotches tastes when matured for more number of years that the Scotch goes through,The taste increases but Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve has no specific year mentioned. Ever wondered why? There is a difference between a normal Scotch maturation process and Triple Gold Reserve’s Triple Maturation Process.


Age in Scotch Whiskies doesn’t matter anymore for a triple matured scotch like Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve. Once upon a time,Scotch with longer age where preferred because of better maturity, taste and aroma.

Black Dog – TGR definitely will change the perception of age in Scotches when you can have something which is better matured, very strong in taste and aroma and yet it is very young.Black Dog’s Triple Gold Reserve Scotch Whisky (TGR) is the only blended Scotch Whisky that is produced involving a triple maturation process.



In a normal maturation process, “Matured Single malt” and “Matured Grain whisky” are combined and bottled. There is no “Third” maturation process carried out on the mixture. It is bottled and sent to the stores for final consumption. In triple maturation process “Matured Single Malt” and “Matured Grain Whisky” is blended together and is introduced to another level of maturation. The third time maturation and blending is carried inside a sherry cask. This is the reason why it is called ‘Tripe Gold Reserve’.


Black Dog Scotch Whisky has a rich legacy and the history goes as follows. Sir Walter Millard, a Scot in British India, traveled to Scotland from Bombay in 1883 in search of an impeccable Scotch Whisky. His search ended in a blend created by his brother-in-law James Mackinlay, of the second generation of the Leith Scotch Whisky blending family. Port of Leith is just outside Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.

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