Black Dog TGR history – Scotch appreciation session by Andrew Skene

Recently, We had the opportunity of Meeting Mr Andrew Skene, from Scotland who is an expert in Whisky.Hailing from Aberdeen,on the doorstep of Speyside (Scotland’s whisky producing Heartland), he grew up with a love of Scotch Whisky. With a background in marketing & branding & armed with a certificate of expertise in the sales & service of Scotch Whisky, he had set up Spirit of Scotland & to bring his passion for Scotch Whisky.

Mr Andrew Skene Explaining the history of scotch.
Mr Andrew Skene Explaining the history of scotch.

Mr Andrew skene wanted to give us an insights about the history of Scotch and the story and country of origin and its manufacturing and maturing process.We were invited for an exclusive session with Mr Andrew skene
Andrew describing his origins

Mr Andrew skene had a background in Marketing & Branding, and a certificate of expertise in sales and service of Scotch whisky, Andrew Skene set off in 2003 to bring his passion for Scotch whisky to South Asia.Andrew started with the story of how the word “Whisky” came into place. It is an Anglicized name for “Usquebaugh” or the water of God in Scot. If translated, the word literally means ‘water of life’. Now you must be acknowledging the fact how apt is the naming.


Andrew Skene likes Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve very much over the years of tasting various scotch whiskies and explained the history of scotch and the prominence of it.

Whisky has been distilled in Scotland for hundreds of years. There is some evidence to show that the art of distilling could have been brought to the country by Christian missionary monks, but it has never been proved that Highland farmers did not themselves discover how to distil spirits from their surplus barley.


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