Black Dog TGR pairing with Chocolates

Scotch Whisky is a drink that defines class and chocolates defines happiness and When these two are paired together, The magic that is created would be humongous.Trust me, if you haven’t tried this combo, do it right away Now is the time to pair the different type of chocolates with the Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve and enjoy the sinfully chocolatey dessert.


hen pairing chocolate with TGR there are some interesting expectations, like the expectation for chocolate to bring out certain flavours from both Scotch and Chocolate and interwine with each other. Both these products are so complex in themselves that it is near impossible to predict the outcome of these two together unless you try out various combinations with different quantities of Scotch and chocolate. As a lot of people have experienced that just the label of “Single Malt” whisky does not ensure the best taste, so is a high percentage of Cocoa does not mean the best chocolate. Pairing TGR with chocolate is like overwhelming your taste buds as it coats the tongue and blunt it whereas TGR aromas will assault the nose. When it gets going you really tend to enjoy them.

Determining the Scotch Whisky and chocolate pairings is more art than science, but by tasting them together and being able to discern the distinctive flavors and aromas; it is difficult to come up with various suggestions. Understanding the regional characteristics of both the Scotch Whisky and the chocolate is also important. For example, Scotch Whisky from the Islay region is more smoky and peaty based on the water used and the pleating levels of the barley.


At the end of a meal, bring a bottle of Scotch Whisky or two out with a selection of chocolates Take a small sip of the Scotch Whisky and swirl it around the inside of your mouth and swallow. Try a piece of chocolate while you still have the taste of the whisky in your mouth and see what happens. Ideally, you’ll taste an enjoyable combination of the Scotch Whisky and chocolate that will leave you wanting a little bit more of each.

Disclaimer: The content featured above is only for people aged above 25 years.

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