Black Dog – Triple Gold Reserve is the perfect accompaniment with Dinner

An perfect dinner is one which has the perfect ambience, food, perfect company and is incomplete without a perfect drink.My perfect evening wouldnt be incomplete if a perfect drink at dinner isn’t whisky that too scotch whisky like black dog ,While the general belief is that whisky is best with only spicy foods but few would prefer other foods and chocolates for pairing with black dog during dinner.


The food pairing of Scotch with food resembles the same way as Wine is with food. The Black Dog Triple Gold reserve can be paired with food over dinner which has light to powerful flavours and sweet food to spicy and powerful ones. The Black Dog Triple Gold reserve has a whole range of flavours and aromas that pair with mild spicy food such as sea food, cheese etc.

Now the interesting part is black dog triple gold reserve can also be paired with chocolates which would perfectly accompaniment each other be it chocolate which is sweet and a bit of bitterness that will tingle your senses and would really give you a perfect feel of perfectly food pairing with Black Dog – Triple Gold Reserve.


Recently, We had a food pairing with sushi and sea food of Japanese cuisine.It would have a bold flavoured Sushi can taste extremely good with strong Scotch essence.The Black Dog gets its tinge of sweetness from the fact that it spends a lot of time in Sherry Casks. Pairing Black Dog Triple Gold reserve with nutty sweet dishes and fruit and milk chocolates will be a perfect recipe.


This is one combination would recommend all of you to try it out and share your experiences and views and i am sure you will be surprised how black Dog – Triple Gold Reserve can be perfectly paired with food.

Disclaimer: The content featured above is only for people aged above 25 years.

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