Black Dog TGR (Triple Gold Reserve) is the best scotch to unwind with friends

A perfect life for anyone would be good friends with good quality life spent with them over an evening ,Share a glass of whisky over the table, chit-chat over old fond memories would be a perfect setting for a friends Get-together.Such moments can never be bought, but are priceless.The perfect whisky for the occasion with friends is none other than the world renowned whisky brand “Black Dog”.

Life’s journey is not just about the journey to reach the destination,but also the strategic time out breaks,that actually makes the journey perfect.The daily drill in life needs a break and you need to take a break and enjoy the finer things in life and also enjoy the warmth of friends.A time so important to refresh, rejuvenate and recharge your spirit. Make the most of those pristine moments with your loved ones.LET THE WORLD WAIT.

Walter Millard, a Scot in British India, travelled to Scotland in 1883 in search of an impeccable whisky. His search ended in a blend created by James Mackinlay, of the second generation of the Leith Scotch Whisky blending family.


Being a keen angler himself, Walter Millard named the whisky Black Dog in honour of his favourite salmon fishing fly used in the Spey and Tay rivers of Scotland since the early 19th century. Thus was born Black Dog Whisky.

The presence of your friends during your high and low brings out the the good vibes in you.The perfect 3 musketeers that would always be together is friends, you and black dog.Black Dog TRG (Triple Gold Reserve) helps you to let your hair down and helps you unwind and open up yourself with friends.All the small barrier, small misunderstandings will be shattered, discussed and laughed upon.It just strengthens the bond.Some solutions, some ideas gets generated with an discussion over the table with couple of whiskys down the throat.


Lots of stuffs to share about the experience of Block dog Triple Gold Reserve with friends. In the mean time why not leave your comments and make it more interesting to enjoy Black Dog TGR with friends. Till next time, folks! Enjoy your Scotch, and do not drink and drive.

Disclaimer: The content featured above is only for people aged above 25 years.

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