Andrew Skene from Scotland who is an expert in Scotch Whiskies who has set up Spirit of Scotland Pvt. Limited in 2006 in Singapore. Andrew is from the fishing town of Aberdeen, Scotland which is on the doorstep of Speyside (Scotland’s whisky producing heartland). Andrew skene is known for various Scotch Whisky concepts, organized and run numerous tasting and training sessions over the last 10 years.


Andrew Skene grew up with the likes of Scotch whisky, its culture, and its socio-economic significance.With him field of expertise being Marketing & Branding, and a certificate of expertise in sales and service of Scotch whisky, Andrew Skene love for his Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve and he shared with uswith us how triple maturation process works. He shared the history, geography and biography of Scotch Whisky and its production process.


Andrew skene informed that the Whisky bottles are often detailed with the relevant information behind the whisky in the bottle, such as the cask number and distillation date.Andrew led Expert tasting sessions, for basic education or pure enjoyment, Organisation of tailored whisky based events, for business or pleasure and After-sale customer care and advice.


In 1883, Scottish gentleman Sir Walter Millard went in search of the perfect Scotch Whisky to the Speyside region of Scotland. His journey took him to Leith in Edinburgh, home of the MacKinlay’s – Scotch whisky royalty. Together with James MacKinlay, he discovered the blend he was looking for. It brought an end to Sir Walter Millard’s quest for the perfect Scotch Whisky. Being a keen ‘Angler’ and considering his love for his favorite sport, Sir Walter Millard named the Scotch after his favorite fishing fly – the Black Dog.

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