Mr Beans – The Cafe that can fill your heart and soul with food

Mr beans is cited as a hangout destination,rather than a regular cafe which is known for its ambience and comfort ,calm place sipping coffee with the aroma tingling your nostrils.The antique setting of the place and the elegant white walls with wooden panels with contrasting amazing food and simple but elegant decor.The location of the restaurant though in the hustle-bustle of koramangala, still once you enter the restaurant, its all serene and calm.

When my friend and me arrived at Mr Beans – Coffee Lounge after a long day at office,on a Monday evening,Done with the Monday blues.Once we arrive, the place looks serene and peaceful and we found some comfortable seats to laze around and the perfect time as the IPL match was about to begin.




We were greeted well at the cafe and my first impression of the decor was very elegant and antique.

Every Article across us looks very homely and made us feel that.They all look older than us.I was pleasantly surprised by the assortments of Teas they offer.It was the signature Gourmet Srilankan Teas varying from white magic, Tea rose, lime and lemon etc.

To start our evening, we ordered a cup of tea rose and was pleasantly surprised by the authenticity of the tea was amazing, everything was in perfect measure.prefect rose tea to rejuvenate your senses.Apart of that, the menu has a large assortments of signatures Cold beverages, non caffeine, hot coffee etc.

As i ran down my hands through the menu, they have a good selection of breakfast items which we would try someday as the names makes my mouth water.

The next in the list we ordered was desi green cheese chili toast which is a buttery green crisp chili toast that was delicious and crunchy in every bite.


The appetizers we ordered were Quesadilla which is made of a tortilla filled with a savoury mixture containing cheese, vegetables which was made in perfection with perfect filling and shape.


The Main dish is Creamy Alfredo Mushroom :- Pasta served with a tomato sauce tossed with thyme and mushrooms which is creamy white and cheeselicious.Spinach and mushroom ravioli was good.


Loaded Chicken pizza and veg pizza(gardens in the basket) were truce to their name, every bite was crunchy and cheesy.



To end the meal,We had chocolate waffles and i must say, it was warm and perfect for a desert which was totally chocolicious.



My Rating :- 4.5/5.

Visit the place for 3 thins, ambience, comfort and food.

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