Sizzling food at Tangerine, Koramangala.

Been a great fan of Sizzlers and have been trying out most of the well known Sizzlers joint in the town and i must say,Most of them are almost of the same line,but what differentiates them is the variety and the authenticity and this is what Tangerine struck the right chord.Though Tangerine has been a household name in Bangalore with its first branch in Indiranagar.Couple of years ago,it was closed down and they have reopened in Koramangala near the busy Sony World Junction. I was really hoping to visit it soon and was glad i was invited for the international Sizzlers Festival.


First Look
The Restaurant is located at one of the most busiest localities in Bangalore,Near Sony Signal,Koramangala.The restaurant has a nice pleasant decor.Simple and quaint with good view of the traffic.It gives you a warm feeling.The Restaurant has paintings across the walls which promotes bidding painters and guests can buy their favorite paintings.

The occasion being the international Sizzlers Festival with delicacies across the world.We were all excited to tingle our taste buds.

Started off with a mock-tail “Strawberry Daiquiri” which is made of Strawberry,lime juice, dash of orange,and ice was pretty refreshing especially after hectic day at work.

Cheesy Potato Skins
Been a patron of authentic potato skins and i must say, this lived upto my expectations.It was pretty cheesy inside and still crisp outside that made my mouth water and was a perfect stater and which i highly recommend.

Cheesy Potato Skins
Cheesy Potato Skins

Stuffed fried mushroom
herb stuffed mushrooms caps fried and served with garlic mayonnaise dip.It was perfectly fried and the juices were oozing out in every bite which showcases the right making of stuffed mushrooms.

Stuffed Mushrooms
Stuffed Mushrooms

The Corn Fritters were the last of the veg starters which was crunchy in every bite which is a slightly sweet appetizer, light brown and crispy on both sides, flattened and was a delight for vegetarians.


Now we move on to the main course

Vegetable Shashlik is Mixed vegetable shashlik marinated with yoghurt,grilled and served on a bed of rice with mild curry sauce.MY first impressions was the portions was too much for a single person to gobble upon.though tasty but after having so much of starters,There wasn’t much space for main course and 2 can share a sizzler with such huge portions.


Fricassee of mushroom and corn..
Spiced Mushroom and corn cajun style finished with cheese ,served on a bed of rice was nigh on taste and authenticity as a sizzler and would recommend personally ,but share it with another person.


To finish off in style, is the desserts which i personally would feel that we could ve more variety on the sweet tooth section as we tried Death by Chocolate and haven tried DBC at Corner house which is the shrine of DBC,This actually didn’t live up to the expectations,maybe because of the quantity and richness of brownie and ice cream.


Overall, This place actually lived upto my expectation of authentic Sizzlers and would personally recommend this place for a perfect family outing ans also for corporate and friends meetup.

Meal for 2 :- Rs 900 for 2 people.

My Rating :- 4 out of 5.

Near Sony World junction! address details are No 52, 100ft road, koramangala, Blore. For reservations call 080 41152678/41152679. Timings 11am to 3.30pm and 7pm to 11.00pm.

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