The love that Indians have for scotches and TGR as the best bet for the finest scotch

India is the largest guzzler of whiskey in the world. One of the fastest-growing whiskey markets.Black Dog is the world’s fastest growing Scotch Whiskey by volume, according to International Wine and Spirits Research.

As we all know, one of the main factors that make India the largest consumer of whiskey by volume is because alcohol has a long history in India,dating way back to the British colonial period.Over the ages, the way of living has changed with the increase in the disposable income that had lead to people having a lavish life.India top crest families have always relished the passion of sipping single-malts. The art of drinking Whiskey has slowly spread into smaller cities like Indore, Ludhiana and Lucknow, where there is a substantial increase in consumption.

Indian as a country have a rich and strong palate and love fragrance and flavors in every sense of the word and relish them.The Indian connect to the whiskey also has an relationship with Bollywood with the likes of Amitabh bachchan who emphasized whiskey drinking in the golden era.

The number game shows that Indians consume 200 million cases of whiskey a year, of which less than a million cases are imported foreign liquor.

The Indian audience truly embrace Whiskey in India and Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve,would be the perfect winner as it is the only blended Scotch that is produced involving a triple maturation process.


The triple maturation process which involves Grain whiskies and Malt whiskies separately matured in American Bourbon Casks and then blended together and matured again in Oloroso Sherry Butts for an extra longer period of time to give the blend a distinctive flavor and a delicate finish.

Ashok Capoor, President and Managing Director of United Spirits Limited stated that “We are extremely proud to introduce one of our most awaited and differentiated blends- the Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve. The success of our Black Dog Gold Reserve is well documented. Launch of the Triple Gold Reserve in the premium Scotch segment as an outcome of triple maturation augurs well for the discerning and growing scotch consumers in India. Such careful and skillful blending is a sublime testament to the art of luxurious indulgence.”

Being an Indian and with like minded people around,We have embraced Black dog for years and i am sure Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve will come out in flying colors.

Disclaimer: The content featured above is only for people aged above 25 years.

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