The perfect way to taste a perfect Whiskey – Black Dog – Triple Gold Reserve

How do you identify and differentiate an perfect scotch whiskey.Generally people follow for tasting the spirit.But there is a scientific and well defined way that is practiced by the master blender from generations for tasting scotch just by tasting and nosing the spirit.


We had the opportunity of Meeting Mr Andrew Skene, from Scotland who is an expert in Whisky.Hailing from Aberdeen,on the doorstep of Speyside (Scotland’s whisky producing Heartland), he grew up with a love of Scotch Whisky. With a background in marketing & branding & armed with a certificate of expertise in the sales & service of Scotch Whisky, he had set up Spirit of Scotland & to bring his passion for Scotch Whisky.
Andrew Skene. He showed us with the right way of tasting the scotch whiskey and here,We have the Black Dog – Triple Gold Reserve.generally all of us prefer ice, water or soda while having Scotch whisky,But there is a scientific and proper approach.


Whenever you are doing a tasting session for Scotch,there’s a way to taste it which will unlock the flavors of the spirit in your mouth.scotch have 4 characteristics that has to taken care of such as co lour, nose, palate and finish. First of all,once you pour the scotch in your glass,add 5-6 drops of water. This actually breaks the spirits and the real spirits comes to the open.Hold your glass with Black Dog – Triple Gold Reserve against sunlight.Observe the deep colors in the liquid and rotate the glass carefully. Next, sniff the liquid holding the glass of Black Dog-TGR is strong and you will definitely not miss it.Take a sip and Let the liquid settle down on top and bottom of your tongue. Hold it for a little over half a minute and slowly swallow it. The finish is the feeling you get after the Scotch passes through your throat.You get a certain strong essence and the sensation lasts for quite a few minutes.

Disclaimer: The above content is meant only for people above 25 Years.

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