Value of a Mother known by a miracle

I don’t need to give any introduction to the topic.Everyone has a special corner for Mom, because she has given her life to give you life.

I am writing this experience dedicating on mother’s day that is on 11th May 2014.

I am sure everyone will have experiences to share about your parents, Especially mother.Here is mine:-
this was on Feb 15th 2002.i was 13 years old and sister was 7 years old.My mom used to drop & pickup my sister from school and this was her daily routine and on this particular fateful day. around 2:30 PM near Bangalore busiest areas, queen road, next to Chinnaswamy cricket stadium.She was riding her scooty and any Indian lady,she was driving very slowly less than 20 km/h.A fiat was tailing behind her vehicle.She saw a big flat stone and tried avoiding it and slowed down, the fiat hit the vehicle badly and flew away.She fell on her right and all the vehicles were speeding by.

Just then, An garbage truck was speeding run over her and she was under the truck.Seeing the incident, all the passerby’s stopped and dragged her out below the truck.She was taken to the pavement and she was all bleeding and badly injured with multiple fractures, but still she was repeating my father’s mobile number and someone called my dad and gave the phone to my mother and she first told my dad to take care of me and my sister. Father’s office was 20 kms away from the accident location.Immediately, police had take her in the jeep and took her to the government victoria hospital and the head doctor said just one thing to my mother. “I am a devotee of Shirdi Sai baba, nothing has happened to you”. By then, my father arrives to the hospital and immediately shifts her to HOSMAT Hospital which is known for its ortho treatment.

The head doctor, Mr chandy after putting her in ICU and doing initial tests, said. she has multiple fractures, only almighty can save her.her hip bones were broken and damaged the gall bladder and bleeding and nose was broken 16 teeth were ripped off . left side of her body, 4 ribs had broken and punctured lungs. Thigh muscles were torn apart. Being in such an terrible state,The first thing she cared was for her children.This is true love.Though she was in ICU for 1 month and took time to recover for almost an year.but God grace, she is all good now.

This is just a miracle that she is hale and healthy even after 12 years after the accident and may she remain happy for the rest of her life and it is my duty to keep her happy and i am grateful that god gave her another chance too be with her family:):):)

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