Grooving with the White Mischief girls

One of the most innovative experience during the IPL season 2014 is the innovative app of white mischief girls with a little mischief and a lot of fun.One of the most synonmyous and most popular things in IPL is cheerleaders and white mischief girls runs the show with elan keeping both the fans on ground and on TV glued.They have the entertainment factor which has been part of sports in the west.With cheerleaders initiative ,first off its kind in India has blown away the audience with their dance moves and cheerleading skills.


This year, White Mischief girls have gone an step ahead to create a experience for all to shake a leg with the cheerleaders and this is a dream come true.This is called “White Mischief Groove”.

Click on the below app and in minutes you will find yourself dancing with the cheerleaders.You will receive a mail with the video where you will be cheering with the cheerleaders and that is soo uber cool.

We had a experience of a lifetime where we had a meet and greet session with the White mischief girls.We were elate to meet and have a conversation and they were so kind to show us their moves and also teach us do some cheer leading steps.

Here goes the video.Check it out:-

We had soo much fun interacting with the cheerleaders and they are fun loving.They loved India and Bangalore for its wonderful weather and like to visit goa too.

Here are some of the captures of the meet and greet event with the white mischief girls.



What are you waiting for?? go and take Part.CLICK HERE

White Mischief Groove



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