Nawabi style !!! Where the kabab is the king !!!

The History of Kababs

Tracing back to the 14th century when the Mongols invaded Hindukush – the land of milk, honey and other rich treasures. In return, they left behind a trail of destruction as well as the Kabab. The Kabab was then, just meat sprinkled with salt, barbequed and gobbled. Soon it caught the fancy of Indian chefs and they perfected it to a sublime art. The kind which you can savour at The Great Kabab FactoryTM. Roasted on the tandoor or on a sighri, shallow-fried in a tawa or a mahi tawa , deep-fried in a kadhai, steamed in pots, even grilled on stone. Making them the most succulent and delicious Kababs one will ever sink one’s teeth into. All guaranteed to give total gastronomic satisfaction,

The Great Kabab Factory had opened their first store in Bangalore which is strategically located in Mantri Square on Sampige Road.As you enter the restaurant ,you get the vibes of being transported to mughal era with the decor and ambience.

As you get seated, they offer you the menu of the veg which is classified into veg and non veg separately which is a 4 course meal.It consists of six veg or non-veg kebabs and a bread basket with one veg /non-veg gravy of the day and dal makhni. They also offer you a choice of veg /non-veg Biryani or pulao of the day.This 4 course mail truly fits the bill of a Feast of a king.


We started off in style with the Trademark Subz Galouti Kabab which was served with a ulta -Tava paratha.We were advised to have the kabab in the paratha with the mint chutney and onions and definitely lived up to the expectation. It had amazing flavor and a perfect starter.

The second kabab that was served was the Paneer tikka Sandwich. This was paneer tikka which had a layer of spiced peanut in the middle and had a roasted outer crust. The peanut mix was a nice twist to the regular dish. The outer crust of the paneer had been Tawa roasted. This to me had done more harm than good to the texture and flavor of the Panner.


The third kabab we were served was the Aloo imliwala,baby potatoes with a tangy flavour of Imli and chaat masala was really chatpata and gives you a balanced flavour.


Gajjar Mutter ka Shammi was served and it was made up of carrots chunks and green peas along with chickpea flour and spices tava was scrumptious.


The Dohra Khumb was served next which looked more like a younger brother of deep fried mushrooms caps.Being a patron of mushrooms, it always relish them.but i feel something was missing. especially i didn’t find it as juicy as expected it to be.It was a bit let down.


Shahi phalo ka chaat was the last of the veg starters and it was marinated,grilled fruits with a little spice mix flavoring.The flavors were retained and tingled the taste buds.


We now head to the main course which had Methi Paneer on the menu today which accompanied well with Naan.The methi paneer was perfectly cooked. Subz pulao was perfectly cooked and flavorful with essence of spices and herbs tingling my senses.


Last but not the least was the desserts, they offered gulaab jamoon amd gajaar ki halwa.A complete 4 course meal.

Verdict:- A perfect restaurant for kababs lovers and people who know nawabi food:)

Ratings :-3.5/5


The Great Kabab Factory was born with the creation of the first restaurant at the Radisson Hotel Delhi in 1998. The restaurant’s overwhelming success paved the way for franchising the brand, leading to an incredible growth which today finds its presence across five countries, making it one of the largest Indian restaurant chain in its category.

There is no single factor that accounts for the powerful appeal of The Great Kabab Factory, rather, it is a combination of many strategic and operational elements all focused on the common goal of operational efficiency and total customer satisfaction that makes The Great Kabab Factory so appealing as a restaurant and as a business opportunity.


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