The Tata Zest bloggers extravaganza

“Zest with the best” has been the overall persona of the Event when Tata Motors team (One of the best automobile manufactures in India) along with Blogadda (One of the best blogger engagement community in India) had come out with a masterpiece idea of extending the Zest Experience to the blogger community other than the traditional media and publications. This is one of its kind Outreach activity for a brand to get top bloggers from all walks of life under a common umbrella for 2 days and experience the zest in the true sense.

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So the last weekend of 26th& 27th July 2014 was reserved for the top 50 bloggers from all over India at the Zuri White sands Resort & spa .All bloggers were so excited about the experience that the buzz started on social media networks a week ago using #ZestUpYourLife by the bloggers that set the curiosity levels soaring high among the twitteratti.

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As the bloggers arrived by noon to goa. The vibe was getting infectious with such zeal,zest and enthusiasm so we started off with a bloggers informal meet by blogadda where Ankita and Harish Krishnan gave us a brief about Blogadda and their activities such as guest blogging, Book Reviews, Spicy Saturdays, Tangy Tuesdays , product reviews etc and an interactive session with the bloggers with sneak peak preview on what’s in store for us in the next 2 days and also allocation of bloggers in teams of 3 to do the zestiful experience.

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The next BIG surprise element for the evening is the “MASTER CLASS” by the makers of Tata Zest and also a special Guest.
Miss Malini was the host for the evening and she introduced the happiest and toughest minds who were behind building the world class machine and also one of the Most Powerful engine ever built in that segment. It’s the Revotron 1.2 Litre engine. To give us better insights of the engine that took 3,00,000 Hours of engineering so build an engine that had 3 engines in one.

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Narain Karthickeyan who also has been part of the team in testing the next gen engine which has eco, sports and city engine mode in one.

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The 3 main pillars of the Tata Zest is the DESIGNEXT, DRIVENEXT and CONNECTNEXT which had such intricate features that makes it stand out in the crowd and would be the game changer in the Indian automobile arena and will set the standards high.
The highlights of the evening were 2 Superheroes in Indian automobile fraternity “TATA ZEST AND NARAIN KARTHICKEYAN”.
We signed off the evening in style with interaction session with the makers over cocktails and dinner and the whole experience of bloggers meet was elevated to the next level. The experience totally zest up everyone’s spirits and got the adrenaline rush going. So I must say “It was truly a Zestiful experience”.

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