Celebrate 68 years of Indian Independence with BlackBerry World

Since India’s independence in 1947, the country has evolved and progressed in all spheres; be it education, infrastructure and even technology. We are now at the brink of a new age, and this digital age has helped BlackBerry give you a selection of smartphone apps to feel patriotic and enjoy Indian 68th year of incredible independence!

Independence Day
This app is designed to make your BlackBerry® more elegant and beautiful. Download this app and enjoy the tri-color in all its glory
Price: Rs. 50/-


Indian National Anthem by Sanjaal Corps
“Indian National Anthem” app lets you play the patriotic national anthem “Jana Gana Mana” of India in your device.
Price: Free


Indian History
This app contains complete information about the Indian history and Indian culture. Part from that there is an excellent collection of photograph and vintage images
Price: Free


Incredible India WoNoBo Walking Tours
This new age app allows you to discover India on your own with self-guided tours covering the most visited monuments and cities. Get inside information and turn-by-turn navigation from experts on interesting things to see and do.
Price: Free


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