Book Review: Private India by Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson

This is a massive collaboration of sorts with the mix of east and west: Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson team up to pen down “Private India”The novel as it is termed to be a thriller stays true to its name.It is a full fledged Thriller with all the necessary ingredients to be also made into a Bollywood classic film.

The character of the novel is well scripted and perfectly fits into the plan without any doubt.The story has relevance to the present world with ISI,dons and all.There is this big mystery plot and a string of small mystery attached to it.The novel has more tan 450 pages and still engages you till the end which is the essential quotient of any thriller.

India‚Äôs biggest and best detective agency”Private India” is a branch of Private Worldwide, which is headed by Jack Morgan. The Indian Wing is headed by Santosh Wagh heads Private India.The case is about the Thai surgeon Kanya Jaiyen killed in mysterious circumstances at the Marine Bay Plaza,Marine Bay Plaza employs Private India to investigate the case and the police also are happy to let Private India get on with it,as they have too many cases to investigate.

The novel is set in Mumbai,From Taj Hotel to Colaba and Haji Ali, Bandra to Andheri and Thane to the Tower of Silence and its vultures, Arthur Road Jail, Chowpatty Beach, Cooper Hospital,Private India makes you live the first hand experience.

There are many murders that follow after Kanya Jaiyen ,The next in the line was Afternoon Mirror reporter Bhavna Choksi and the Then the Third victim was Elima Xavier, a school headmistress followed by Anjana Lal, the Chief Justice of Mumbai High Courtand Ragini Sharma, a politician and goes on.The serial killer is working overtime without a break killing and the only trace between all the murders is that the victim is found strangled with a yellow scarf and surrounded by strange religious and cultural artifacts.

The story just doesn’t end just like that,though this is the main story,There are some more interesting things like the identity of the serial killer, we also get to know that Pakistan acting through the Indian Mujahideen is trying to blow up the offices of Private India since Private India has always been a hindrance in executing their plans.

Jack Morgan makes a few appearances and has a substantial role to play in the story of Private India.

As expected,Private India finally nab the serial killer in style and with a perfect ending

Though small glitches in the content as some things are not clear like the source of money to private India to operate, but overall Private India is worth a try for sure.

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