Game of Blogs : Story Weavers (Part 5 of the story)

Team Name: Story Weavers

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The scene of the Hotel Continental looks like a fortress that is well guarded by the terrorists. The NSG, ATS and the Police personals were all gathered near the hostage site and working on plans to break-in.The snipers trained to monitor all the entry and exits of the hotel. The whole area surrounding the hotel has been cordoned off with media people bustling around to share the breaking news.

The home minister and the Police commissioner arrives at the spot at the hotel and have a war room discussion on the possible suspects and an action plan to save the hostages. Shekar is asked to head the operation and he names the Operation “R” which means rescue or for Shekar it meant operation Roohi and he keep looking at his phone for the slightest hint of call from his daughter.

The Chief Secretary reaches out to Shekar and checks on the situation at the hotel and informs that the defense minister is en route to the railway station to review the arrangements at the hostage location.

Just then, he receives a call on his cell phone, upon answering.Shekar picks up into anxiety seeing a call from unknown number says “hello” and the voice at the other end says “We know who you are…….”

The Situation inside the hotel looks hostile with masked people with the start of the technology Ammunition and weapons that could blow the place to smithereens in seconds. From the eyes of Cyrus Daruwala, he couldn’t even count the number of masked terrorists who have seized the place and all the hostages were asked to sit on the floor with their hands raised. Cyrus Daruwala were trembling with fear as he had a hint of the operation being carried out to rescue Abdullah-Al –Asiri who is the master mind of 26/11 attacks and also a nuclear scientist by profession which is a deadly combination especially for a terrorists and the release of him would mean doom to India. Just then, the tall hefty 6 feet tall figure emerges to the centre of the hall where all the hostages are there and he shoots in the air multiple times and gives a war cry that sends shivers down the spine of the hostages and Cyrus almost fainted.


Tara said to herself while seeing Jennifer all set to sneak into the ground zero of the attack spot “she looks like Lara croft” and is reminded of Roohi who loves playing action games as its runs in her DNA and Lara croft tomb raider being her favorite.

As Jennifer tries to sneak out of the crowd that has gathered outside the hotel waiting to cover the action live. Jennifer tries to look at the weak spot at the hotel’s kitchen entrance to get in and it looks like mission impossible 5 task to do it as it is heavily guarded. As luck would have it, the only person that could enter the premises was the military personal. Jennifer has a microphone attached to her and beeps to Tara informing about the situation and Tara being a veteran in the media industry had a friend in NSG who was guarding the kitchen entrance and Tara tries have a discussion with him to know the status of the situation and the deadline of 2300 hrs for a break-in operation and just then Jennifer sneaks right into the rat hole.

Little did Tara realize that her husband has been the mastermind helping the NSG and commandos to execute Operation “R”.


Roohi had mustered the courage to have a check on the situation, though this demands a lot from a 9 year old kid, but he saw her fellow friends crying and frightened to the core. They gather at the corner and roohi remembers all the stories, her dad used to tell especially the action ones. Though it looked like a fantasy land.Roohi hoped her to try and contact her dad again using the sat phone but the chances were less with the terrorists covering them closely.

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