Game of Blogs : Story Weavers – Part 19

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Now that Cryus vblog had gone viral in Facebook and twitter and trending across the nation with news channel flashing his vblog all across the breaking news section and tara also covering it in the news.Jennifer had done her job and disappeared following her destiny.Shekhar was all set for operation R to go live and resume the hostages from the hotel and little did he know that Aryan who is his neighbor who was an introvert would have himself linked with the terrorist attacks.

Shekar had all his men on station to be ready to storm into the hotel and flush those B******S out of the hotel without any casualty.

The terrorists were getting restless and decides to create some chaos and started to shoot in air to frighten the police and the hostage alike.Shekar thinking that the terrorists had attacked the hostages. He ordered to flush out the terrorists and the sniper got into action and shot down 2 terrorists in the room and Shekar took charge and entered into the hotel with his army contingent.

Meanwhile inside the hotel,the hostages were scared and scattered in this chaos.Cyrus took this as an opportunity and started vblog this episode of exchange of bullets between the NSG and the terrorists.Shekar was still having a look for any new update on the vblog as he entered the rear side of the hotels.he notices a shadow just past by and Shekar and his team had their gins trained on the shadow which just flashed by.


Aryan was among the hostage and still had that wicked grin amongst all this tension ,just then one bullet hits Kareem on his right shoulder and he yells in writhing pain.Before he realizes what happens, Cyrus tries to capture this on his phone and battery dies.

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