Xiaomi Redmi 1s Review

2014 in India will be known as the year of revolution w.r.t to mobility and mobile manufacturers.

Xiaomi will be the first name that will come up in your mind as they took the world by storm with their superior hardware and equally competitive pricing and amazing marketing and branding initiatives.

The company’s 2nd handset that was announced in India was Xiaomi’s Redmi 1S as it does come with high expectations.This is classified as the entry level smartphone segment with a competitive pricing of Rs 5,999.


The Flash Sale methodology has been an highly successful one for the brand though getting some negatives reviews on the sale methods due to lack of availability.

Redmi 1s has lots of competitors in that segment with smartphones being the next big thing and with Moto E and Android one both being on the same price bracket.

Lets see if Redmi 1s is worth all the hype and can it be a trend setter?

Specifications :-


Hardware Specifications :-

The Redmi 1S is a Quad Core 1.6 GHz and Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 which is pretty good for an entry phone and the phone is quite bulky by weight and is quite hefty.

Indian version of Redmi 1s has only the grey version in India and the phone has a plasti body and feels quite sturdy also have a gloss look and also tends to get fingerprints too.

The front end of the phone looks classy with 3 Red capacitive buttons and the LED notification light placed under the home button.


The screen display is 4.7′ IPS 720p Display which is pretty decent for a 100$ phone and at full brightness colors are perky and at times sunlight view isn’t great,but is still manageable.


and the screen is made up of Dragon-trail glass from Japanese sheet glass maker AGC. This make sthe device highly scratch resistant and i am pretty impressed by this feature as i did try it out myself by trying to a scratch using a knife/scissors and wasn’t successful.

The Redmi 1s has an orange battery and has a dual sim feature with a MicroSD card slot and the back cover can be opened to put sim and microSD.

The rear camera is a 8 MP with a flash underneath and very close to the speaker and it proves an hindrance at times.Redmi 1 s has the best camera in that category and it does work for Instagram and social networks and goes makes it a handy camera.The front camera is 1.6 MP and works out decent for selfies.



Redmi 1S is packed with a quad-core 1.6GHz CPU and 1 GB RAM and it is at time sluggish while multi tasking,though the MIUI ROM is pretty good and does have a lot of options to play around.



For a First time android user, i am sure they will love it with the customization and features offered by MIUI and the themes are adorable and the apps are pretty smooth unless they aren’t multi tasking.1 GB RAM and 8GB Storage with expandable 64 GB storage.


Battery life

The word of caution is Battery isnt as great as expected from a 2000 mAh Battery as it does take too long to charge and it just lasts for less than 12 hours in full charge and there are heating issue at times with Redmi 1s though it is manageable

My Verdict:

Xiaomi Redmi 1s does have its pros and cons and for the formidable hardware and good camera and a killer price point, this is surely a winner.If your budget is anywhere around 6-8k.Redmi 1s is yours if you are just lucky to buy one from flipkart.

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