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Shekhar is in the midst of all the action inside the hotel and his team is infiltrating all the floors of the hotel and rescuing the hostages by area. As Shekhar and Suraj heard about Kareem and his fellow terrorists being scattered across floors from 5th to 8th floor of the Hotel, there is a lot of exchange of bullets and bloodshed. Amidst all the chaos, Suraj is keeping a close eye on 5th floor proceedings through Jennifer’s secret cam.

Going with his inner belief, he has chosen to go to 5th floor only after the rest of the hotel area is made terror-free. Jennifer and Kareem are still in conversation in the midst of a high intensity fight between the rescue team and terrorists on different floors.

“This is what the almighty wishes?? Bloodshed and violence? We need to Love all and serve all and every blood drop here in this hotel is a string attached to a life of others tears. It can be your own family too who would face the similar situation, We need to end this right now and start afresh, Turn a new page in our life.” Ahana keeps her voice loud enough to be heard by Kareem with all the chaos.

Kareem is adamant and hell bent on achieving the mission with all that takes to do it and just snuffles Ahana aside as if her last few sentences disappeared in thin air.

“Let’s do it together, you are the brave princess warrior and we shall emerge victorious.” , Kareem says in a last attempt to take her on his side.

Shekhar’s walkie beeps continuously in this all-out attempt for triumph over the evil.

“Chief, 6th floor is under control.”

“Bravo, 4th floor man is down in a shot. All people on the floor are being taken through service lift under our cover.” And there is a huge sigh of relief from Shekhar. However, now that every other space was under control, it was time to make way to 5th floor. Upon reaching 5th floor, he could not find both Jennifer and Kareem on that floor. He connects to Suraj to get an idea of their location through secret cam, but to his dismay, Suraj informs that they are somewhere in a closed space and no further idea of their location can be made out through the images from the cam which are only showing up a wall since a considerable amount of time.

Just about then, Jennifer feels struck by a lightening as a little while back, she was thinking of the school principal and just then remembered that he is the one person on Earth who Kareem looks up to and would honor his words and decisions. She feels this is the only chance left for their way to a peaceful life and more importantly, LIFE.

Jennifer walks far away from Kareem and immediately picks the phone. She calls the school principal Mr A Nair and in all haste, her heart beats rise in sync with the ring and finally an aged man with stern and authoritative voice speaks at the other end. Jennifer fills in Mr Nair with the activities and the current situation and the need of his help being the most important which otherwise would led to dire consequences. Jennifer shares the number of Kareem to principal as he promised to have a word and make him see light of the situation. Suraj was all ears into this conversation and the conversation really made him believe that they would see a blood-free end to the terror siege and Kareem may be captured alive. He informed Shekhar of this latest happening and he was also relieved that letting Jennifer in was not a bad decision. Still he was also a bit puzzled over the fact that Aryan was nowhere in the hotel.

“Has he fled? How could he flee amidst all this tight secure setup?” However, he chose to concentrate on his priorities, which was the lives of the hostages. He immediately gets back into action.

As Ahana reaches back, Kareem is already over phone. He first thought it would be Aryan sharing his whereabouts and was shocked to see His School principal Mr. Nair name blinking in the display screen and this was the last person Kareem would expect to have a word with, especially in a situation of this grade.

The Principal and Kareem have a quick chat for 2 minutes which is even faster than making Maggi noodles but long enough for Kareem to make up his mind. Kareem turns towards to Ahana and says, Mr Nair wanted to see him as he has just returned from US and wanted to meet and discuss something very confidential and important. Kareem immediately takes stock of the situation and starts making some calculation in his mind. It seems Mission Principal to convince Kareem has been a success.
“Shekhar, I believe I have not breached your trust. We are off to our new world.” In a weak moment, Jennifer gets rid off her earrings before passing on the last message. By the time she gets back, Kareem is already running towards the service area.

“Kareem! Kareem! Wait for me?”

“Ahana, you happen to be my biggest weakness. Whatever we had planned over the years, it has all got ruined. We will meet soon, but not now.”

The sound of firing has reduced and the anxiety level has decreased in the atmosphere. Shekhar realizes that Operation R has been successfully completed with all the terrorists in sight shot down and the hostages being rescued. As Shekhar assesses the situation, he looks around to find if Kareem is one among the terrorists who were shot and doesn’t find him and he is disappointed as he wanted to catch him alive and as per the current status, he is missing and immediately alerts his team in walkie talkie to continue the hunt for Kareem but the inner conscience is telling him, that Jennifer has been successful in rescuing Kareem. Things at the hotel are a lot settled and is finally back in control, though 2 of the Most important people of the operation , Kareem and Aryan are missing and Shekhar wouldn’t rest till he catches them.

Jennifer calls Mr Nair again and checking on his location and plans to meet him in a few minutes as Kareem has already left the place. Mr Nair said he was meeting Kareem in 30 minutes in Old Delhi, since it would be tough to spot any suspicious person in a busy street. Jennifer conveys Mr Nair that she will also be there but Kareem should not be made aware of that. She also requests him to help Kareem to leave his past and start afresh.

Back at the Hotel, Shekhar walks out of the hotel with all media trying to hound him. He immediately steps back since his identity is not the one to be disclosed. He is supposed to be an undercover agent and he has to remain anonymous. Still, he tries to have a glimpse of his biggest strength, Tara to have his inner belief gain strength again.

Just then, Suraj comes running towards Shekhar and conveys a messages that turns Shekhar face turns to red and hurries towards his car and then asks Suraj to repeat the message again.

“4 journalists have been kidnapped near the Hotel. Two are from C TV and one is from Bharat News.” Suraj says in a tone that dims off as the message progresses.

“But that’s just 3! Who’s the 4th one?” Shekhar is stressed.

“Sir, that’s your wife.” Suraj replies back, knowing fully well that this one sentence could break away his boss.
Shekhar takes a deep breath as his task gets tougher minute by minute. Two Terrorists are on the run and his wife is Kidnapped. What’s Next?

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