October Fest Celebrations at 3 Monkeys Brewpub – Brewery Tour and Blogger’s Meet

Bangalore is known to have some of the finest breweries in the country.country’s first Island Bar and Longest Bar Counter, 3 monkeys is situated at the 4th floor of Gopalan Signature mall.3 Monkeys in few months of its inceptiom has set higher standards of brewing in India by brewing 500 litres per batch 3 times a week and crafting innovative brews including seasonal and signature brews by the Canadian brew master.


OktoberFest is also celebrated at 3 Monkeys by brewing special beer “Doppelback” and “Chilli Bully” apart from the usual Weisen Beer from the US, Mexican Pale Lager, Irish Ale, Australian Pale Ale and many other seasonal varieties.



As we started the Brewer tour with the Burrp team and Head Brewer and Cocktail Designer,Martin Bernard guided us with the brewery tour explaining the intricate process of brewing process and the various steps involved in it.



We never knew,each ingredients and equipment are taken great care to make sure we get freshly brewed beer.

We tasted the “Doppelback” which was very intense and powerful,but my favorite was the Chilli bully which was very flavorful and does have a hint of spice that hits your senses.



Apart from tasting these two new beers, They also had a special Oktoberfest food menu which includes German Sausages, traditional German beer soup,Grilled wrust Kartofflbreim (grilled beef and chicken sausages),Homemade speatzie (Beef/Chicken) which is German pasta cooked with chicken or beef sausages and cheesy sauce served with homemade German bread dumpling.



The next one was weiner schnitzel (Beef/Chicken) which is Beef or Chicken meat loaf dipped with flour egg and bread crumbs,fried until golden brown topped with fried egg served with brown gravy.among other dishes.



The whole Oktober Fest Experience has been authentic to the T with lots of research has gone into it by 3 Monkeys team to make sure everyone can experience the real oktober festival right here in Bangalore.

3 monkeys also offers fine dining experience for its guests who wish to experience food from across the world. On offer are, Continental, Mexican, Mediterranean, Chinese, Thai to exotic Indian cuisine. The fine dining area is well defined and exclusive within the pub on the same floor.



Overall,We had a very enriching experience of the brewery tour and the process of brewing by the Brewmaster himself.


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