The Land of Beer from 6 Districts – A colossal F&B experience

Bangalore is always known as the PUB capital of INDIA and even with the time restriction of 11:30 PM.Bangalore has still been able to stay right at the top with the title and slowly in the recent times,Bangalore is also known to be the Micro-Brewery hub of India with more than 20 micro-breweries have opened up catering to the wide variety of audiences and their palates.


One of the new additions to Bangalore Micro Brewery list is District 6 which is Located in in the same building as Sheraton and is facing the metro station with Orion and WTC overlooking the place.


My first impression even before you enter the place is that its just another Micro-Brewery and what is the big deal.But i was proved wrong.


The Decor is quite rustic and grows on you,especially with lots of wood work all over and to know, they are just old Railway track plank that are reused and just fell in love with the decor and the ambiance and i must admit, this was a huge place with 200 pax and not surprised to see it full house over the weekends.


The whole essence of the place is that everything is divided into 6 like the iPhone 6 ,the food and beer are all classified and taken from 6 different districts such as Wine District, group District, Shooter District,Toddler District,Mixology District,Not yet a District and that’s the uniqueness of the place.


We started with the starters”Classic nachos” and no one can go wrong in it and the freshly brewed beer “The Chief” WeifBeir” which was pale wheat malt and mild and fruity flavor.




As said earlier, even the food were classified into 6 districts,one of them is the Burger District which is Vegetable burgers – trio of tofu , classic vegetables and dahi kebab and they were pretty crispy with the patty and worth a quick bite.



The next district is Beer District where the beer is crafted by Legendry Brewmaster Paul Hubmann and District 6 has State of the heart Technology Equipment by Kasper Schulz and the ingredients are from Wayermann (world’s biggest malt supplier from Germany).


The process used by District 6 to Brew the Beer is brewed as per German Purity law with a 21 day cycle.
* The Liberator- Lager
* The Chief – Our Favorite weisbier
* The Guru – Beer monks loved this
* Dark Lord – Brewmaster Favorite
* Smoking Koing – Bamberg Special smoked
* Radler -Lager flavored with Lemon


I tried the dark lord and it did have strong notes with brown caramelized flavor and wasn’t my type of beer,but it still one of the most favorite beer loved by the patrons.My Favorite was the “The Chief”.


They also the Mixology District which offers
* Mojito – our style


* Smoked and Spiced Margarita
* Espresso Martini
* Crazy Mango
* Bloody Marry – deconstructed


* Mangosteen Martini


The next district is the Grill and Mains District
* Vegetarian kebab platter=Dahi kebab, kache kele ki galouti:- they had lots of flavors oozing out of the kebabs.



* No vegetarian kebab platter-Assortment of fish and chicken tikka.

* Chicken and Leek yakitori ,warm soy mirin.


* Pork belly yakitori , five spices.



* Okra and eggplant yakitori,ponzu shoyu: I loved this dish and would recommend you to try it out.


* Potato Gnocchi – Dumplings tossed in vodka beurre blanc: This was surely the star of the evening and a very unique dish and i am sure you wont be disappointed.


The next section is the Wok and curry District
* Bullet chicken-Wok tossed chicken,bullet chilies,black bean,
* Lamb,coriander and Cumin – Stir fried Lamb with chili , fresh
coriander and whole cumin.


* Magistrate Biryani – Soya and vegetables biryani cooked on Dum ,
potato garlic raita.This is the other star of the evening with was one of the best biryanis i have had since a long time.


* Collector Biryani – Awadhi ghosht biryani cooked on Dum ,potato
garlic raita.


The last section is “Not yet a District”.
This is my most favorite food and i would make place for it even if i am stuffed.

* Apple Crumble – Its fruity , Its warmed up and served with ice cream and whipped cream


* Chocolate fondant with scoop of Vanilla ice cream: This is my most favorite dessert i loved at District 6.


* Waffles – maple syrup , ice cream , Berry stew



Overall i would rate:- 4/5 for the beer and 4.5/5 for the Food.Would surely come back for the Biryani and the district for sure.

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