This is how Flipkart treats customers… So much for Customer Relationship Management

I have been a regular buyer at Flipkart and am known to buy their vouchers on regular basis. I had bought couple of vouchers months ago. I had passed the same to another person last week who came with a strange question to me last week. I was stunned to hear from him that those vouchers were already used and he was not able to use the same.

So I tried to reach out to the e-commerce giant’s customer care and traditionally mailed them. The response I got from them would shock any customer friendly company. Read below.


Not to lose the front here I decided to call them up. If on the mail they sounded foolish by not giving me the details, they sounded arrogant on the phone. You will be stunned to know that the Flipkart representative told me to file an FIR about the used voucher and also get the bank transactions of the purchase of voucher inorder to get details. I asked them to escalate the call to the manager and got he same response by the manager.

My Request was simple “Did I use the voucher, does the purchaser email id or address or phone is mine as per the account, yes or no”? They even declined to get this information and have put me in a fix.

Can’t a account holder ask for the information of the purchase he has done from this and the usage of it. This is his/her right, isn’t it? And let me tell you, I am not the only one who is facing the same issue. You will see in this Facebook status how many customers are facing the same.


I am really disappointed by Flipkart’s reply and arrogance towards their customers. If this is how they treat people who buy from them, even God will find it tough to save them.

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