Tangra(Kolkata Chinese)Food Festival at JW Marriott Bengaluru

People and foodies get confused with authentic chinese and Kolkata Chinese.The myth is people call chinese food in India as Indo-Chinese,but it is actually called as Kolkata Chinese.Tangra road in Kolkata is where the Chinatown is and thus this festival is called Tangra Food Festival.



To get the authentic Tangra Cuisine to Bengaluru, Chef Surjan Singh Jolly who is a celeb chef of JW Marriott,Bangalore and also one of the Judges of Master Chef India took personal care to visit kolkata and understand and learn the local delicacy of kolkata chinese.

Kolkata Chinese is orginally by the immigrants of original Chinese who came down and settled in 18th Century itself!centuries ago, the Chinese immigrants from the Hakka region settled down in Calcutta has today taken the shape of a cuisine in itself.Chef Jolly wanted the flavors of Kolkata Chinatown resonate at JW Marriott Bengaluru’s exclusive Tangra Food Festival which is on from October 31st 2014 to November 9th 2014.The navratri of Tangra Festival.


JW Kitchen in JW Marriott with its first ever food festival – The Tangra Food Festival.Chef Jolly Having learnt the secret of what makes Tangra food so popular, invited Chef Edwin who is direct descendant of Chinese immigrants who settled on Tangra Road to recreate the authentic Tangra experience right from Ground zero.


Indians love kolkata chinese cuisines especially as per their adaptations.Come and enjoy the much loved Indian adaptations of Chinese dishes like the Golden fried baby corn,Mushroom and babycorn fried, threaded cottage cheese, pork sui mai,famous tangram soup, golden fried prawns and much more.









A perfect food and cocktail pairing has special Chinese Cocktail menu featuring drinks like the Shandong Mary, Beijing Bellini, Red Lotus and an interesting Mango Spice Cocktail.

I fell in love with the threaded paneer and it was just perfectly made.Also the sui mai was pretty authentic.

The food festival is priced at Rs 1599+ taxes for the food buffet. Visit JW Kitchen at JW marriott during the Tangra Festival and you will not regret it.



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