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Bangalore is known to have patrons of all kinds of cuisines and people accept them wholeheartedly and italian would stand ahead in the list which is like a comfort food for most of us.

Recently i had been invited to Spaghetti Kitchen, a specialty Italian restaurant located at Koramangala has recently launched their new menu.this is going to be my first visit to the palce and i have always been longing to check it out.It is an italian restaurant conceived to serve up a rustic and flavoursome Italian cuisine that is in sync with indian taste buds with the authentic experience.


As i arrived for lunch on a saturday, the ambience and decor is refreshing and warm and that rustic look adds as icing on the cake with delectable dishes offered.


Chef Amit Puri, corporate chef of Pan India Food Solutions welcomed me and introduced me to the brand and their signature Innovative dishes that stand out like the ‘Mushroom Cappuccino Soup’, famous Black pepper chickenand ‘Vodka Penne’. Wafer thin, crispy flatbread starters, one-of-a- kind salads, a range of pastas, pizzas and a huge vegetarian selection present a mouth-watering choice.End the meal with desserts like Cassata, ‘Tiramisu’ and ‘Chocolate Bomb’ make for the perfect sweet ending.

The new and innovative a-la carte menu has been exquisitely crafted to suit the rustic and wholesome Italian and Mediterranean flavours and satisfy your taste buds and long for more.


We had a lavish 5 course meal starting from the breads,Zuppa and traditional italian Antipasti.Being a vegetarian, did have quite a balanced array of offerings and the portions for each dish was apt and the flavours were oozing out which is the essence of italian food where the seasonings and herbs are the heart of the dish.


The new offering in pizzas is the italian Deep pans where i tried the classic 3 cheese and mushrooms and it was really good.


I tried the home made lasagna as well ad was thoroughly impressed by it.I winded up the lunch by trying their Signature Tiramisu and was totally floored by it.

Try out spaghetti Kitchen if you haven’t been there yet just like me and you will not be disappointed and if you are patron, you will enjoy the new menu.

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