The One School Goa Announces Two New Courses to their Curriculum

The One School Goa is pleased to announce that starting in September 2015, they will offer students India’s first 3-year Degree Program in Photography & Multimedia. While the program is still pending statutory approvals, officials at The One School Goa are confident of them and are gearing up to receive their 1st batch of students to their new Degree Program in September 2015.

SHANTANU WITH STUDENTS at a pool side conference

The intensive 3-year course offered by The One School Goa covers both theory and hands on training. The course is designed to accommodate changing dynamics of the industry. Through this course, The One School Goa lays emphasis on building a powerful and professional portfolio. The program also gives time to students to acquire advanced skills and also develop their minds in the fields of Photography & Multimedia. It enables students to get an understanding of the allied areas such as art appreciation, film making, creative writing & marketing, thus making them a complete photographer, while at the same time offering students the flexibility to choose their area(s) of specialization.


In addition to the above, The One Shool Goa is also offering another new course to their existing curriculum – the Foundation in Visual Communication, which will last for a period of one year.

The year long Foundation in Visual Communication course is designed to introduce students to various forms of visual communication such as photography, multi-media, graphic design, sketching and painting.

The rigorous course will provide students with hands-on training from different faculty members who specialize in each of the disciplines the course covers. Through this course students will get the opportunity to develop their creative portfolios.


The new course offering from The One School Goa is intended for students to learn and experiment with all forms of visual communication before choosing their further education path. It is ideal for students who have decided to take a ‘gap year’ before pursuing their higher studies and want to build on their creative portfolio.

For further information about the new course offerings from The One School Goa please visit them online


Shantanu Sheorey, Photographer, Founder of one of India’s leading interdisciplinary, creative media schools ( and the brainchild behind the recently concluded and successful Goa International Photography Festival to explore the possibility of having him interviewed. I look forward to your interest in terms of profiling opportunity/ interview for Shantanu.

Shantanu Sheorey has been an advertising photographer and film maker for the past thirty years. He has been at the forefront of creating and executing some of the most memorable advertising and marketing campaigns over these years, with over nine hundred ad films to his credit, right from FMCGs to consumer durable’s like automobiles to electronic goods. Some of the prominent brands he has worked with are – Thums-up, Coco-Cola, Cadbury, Tata group, Hindustan Lever, Godrej, Garden Vareli, Raymonds, Gwalior Suitings, Vimal, Reliance Telecom, Samsung, Dunlop, Brigstone, Toyota etc.

Shantanu has extensively photographed the Jaggnath Puri ‘Rath Yatra’ over a period of five years. He is now working towards publishing this collection as a coffee table book.

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