Johnnie Walker Double Black Experience – Taj West End

BLACKER THAN BLACK is the Tagline of Johnnie Walker Double Black and Few Bangalore bloggers were invited to experience the modern blend of exquisite whiskies that has bold smoky characters of peat which mingle with creamy vanilla, dried fruits, fresh pears, apples and orange oils.

International mixologist and Diageo Reserve Brand Ambassador – Zibi Zapert has deconstructed its flavours and created a menu that enhances that great complexity and with Taj’s celebrated chef Sandip Narang they have curated a delectable food pairing that will just blow off your mind.



Johnnie Walker Double Black is a deeper, smokier expression of the world’s no.1 deluxe Blended Scotch Whisky – Johnnie Walker Black Label, crafted for those who prefer a more intense taste. Intensity and smokiness has been created by carefully selecting Scotch Whiskies that have been matured in deep charred oak casks. The intensity and smokiness has been created by carefully selecting whiskies which have more of the distinctive west coast whisky flavor, the signature note in all Johnnie Walker whiskies.

Our Master Blender has selected whiskies which are particularly smoky and rich, from West Coast distilleries which specialize in the deeper, peaty flavour and aroma. Many of these whiskies come from smaller and more remote distilleries which adds to the unique character of the blend.


Some of the top Food and lifestyle Bloggers of Bangalore were invited for this exclusive event where Zbigniew Zapert and Chef Sandip had the food pairing ready for us.


Zbigniew explained us the history of making whisky and the various methods of tasting and actually enjoying it the right way.

He started with Double Black Raisin Sour which is made of Crushed grapes,homemade raisin syrup and freshly squeezed lemon juice. This concoction is double shaken with Johnnie Walker Double Black and a hint of egg white for the froth and consistency.This did taste heavenly and was very smooth.


Double Black Oaky Apple is made up of Johnnie Walker Double Black is gently stirred with oak aged Port wine and citrus oils. Great complexity of flavours with sweet vanilla, smoke, wood and freshness is crowned with green apple foam.


Double Black and Berry is Gently sweet yet fresh and smoky combination of blackberry syrup, freshly squeezed lime juice and Johnnie Walker Double Black. Charged with a splash of ginger ale and served with an orange wedge.


Double Black Maple Masala Old Fashioned where Johnnie Walker Double Black meets garam masala infused maple syrup and classic biters. Perfectly balanced, smoky, rich and very complex symphony of ultimate flavours. This had interesting flavours.


Double Black and Water Tasting whisky is a journey with each step bringing new flavours and sensations. Try Johnnie Walker Double Black served with just a splash of water and experience its intense complexity.



The Pairing of food like the galouti kebab, black gram salad, button mushrooms starter etc.

Johnnie Walker Double Black is available in Bangalore for INR 6785 across all major retail stores in the city.

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