Yours Truly – Singapore

As i have just booked my flight to Singapore via Tigerair, Click here to know more.Though had travelled to Singapore 2 years ago,Due to Time Constraint ,i couldnt visit all the landmarks of Singapore and this time, i decided to give ample time for everything that singapore has to offer me.

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The best way to start off searching about Singapore and to know more is truly one single destination “YOUR SINGAPORE” which is the official Singapore tourism board website that totally has all the necessary information about singapore and helps you to perfectly plan you trip based on your interest and needs.
Singapore is celebrating the Golden Jubilee this year, specifically this June and the whole country is being promoted as the to be destination in the world with such attractive offers by tigerair to travel to singapore.If you need to find the best of deals and any other information,the official website of Singapore Tourism board “” is the go to place.

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The Usability and accessibility of the website is so easy and simple that you don’t have to look around to find the right information, everything is there at your finger tips.

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The segregation of categories based on interest such as 2 day stay in Singapore, 4 day stay in Singapore, Things to do in singapore for 8 hours exactly tells you what has to be done without wasting much time.

The images and creatives are also very eye pleasing as well that exactly craves you to be in that place and experience it.This whole exercise actually familiarizes you to know singapore better even before you arrive.

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A travel and foodies freak drives me to the page of to do things in Singapore and what better way then Singapore tourism suggesting you the iconic landmarks starting from Marina Bay Sands, Singapore zoo, night Safari,Gardens by the bay,singapore flyer.

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On, you get every you need, go and explore yourself.

Thank you to Singapore Tourism Board, and Tigerair for inviting us to be part of FAM trip.. Look forward to live coverage on Twitter and Nivedith007 on Facebook along with Nivedithg on Instagram

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