Chumbak has an ice cream flavour now !!!

Chumbak is known as a design company and to take it to the next level, Milano ice creams has come up with a Chumbak flavor!

Chumbak had tied with Milano Icecream to launch a flavour that resonates the persona of Chumbak – fun, colourful and full of flavour.


There were some fun instructions on how to eat Chumbak Gelato – Licking, Rotating and then Repeating the entire process again! Chumbak’s mission of ‘Make Happy’ was well conveyed through this flavour as they wanted all of their users and customers to have a wonderful experience, whether offline or in-store and make them feel special and happy.


Chumbak has unique designs that is embraced by the patrons and one of them is the Kathakali doll known as “Yo Yo Mani Booblehead” outside the Chumbak store while taking a break from enjoying the Chumbak Gelato Flavour.


The flavour was launched as an initiative to expand on the idea of spreading Happiness and the gelato flavour will be given out to customers at random as a gesture to show how much Chumbak loves them!

Chumbak Gelato Flavour is mostly Mint Chocolate with lots of Rainbow Sprinkles. This is right now available at Milano ice creams in Indiranagar in Bangalore. It was great to know that Chumbak Gelato Flavour was crowdsourced from their fans!

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