The ugly side of @mkvBalu aka @TheMokkaFellow aka Balaji vijayaraghavan

This post is about Balaji Vijayraghavan aka @mkvbalu  aka @TheMokkaFellow on Twitter.He is an friend for last 2 years since Social media week in Bangalore and he has been in touch with us to help him with an event in Chennai for one of his Clients “Deccan Plaza hotel in Chennai”

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We 3 of us (Hrish, Aravind Balakrishnan, Nivedith G) were invited as Speakers for the food bloggers meet and the travel and stay was taken care by the organisers(Balaji and his company Alterego 360 He had booked flight from bangalore to Chennai and vice versa on Air pegasus. As informed to him earlier, we had a tight schedule for the weekend and had to be back as per the schedule. All went well at the event in chennai but trouble started when we are trying to get back to bangalore on Sunday. When we were supposed to fly back to Bangalore from Chennai, Air pegasus first delayed the flight by 3 hrs and finally cancelled it when we were Enroute to the airport. So we asked Balaji what to do and he said he will help us book different flights,but he took his sweet time and didn’t arrange the booking . He made us wait for more than 2 hours in a mall in chennai uncertain about our future. As we were losing time, We asked him, if we can book and get the money reimbursed. He said it was absolutely fine with him.
As it was a week after the chennai floods, Not many flights were still operational but we had air india flight in next 2 hours and all the people who got their flight cancelled from air pegasus booked in air india. By the time Balaji confirmed to us that we could go ahead and book on our own, there were only 2 regular seats and 1 business class seats. After informing Balaji about the same, we took the initiative to book these tickets.
But the issue started after we shared the invoice for reimbursement for flight. Initially he kept telling us that invoice has been processed and he sent us the cheque which never reached. Later he is accusing us that we bought business class ticket when in reality he had approved the same over call. There was no other flight till late evening and Spicejet had bad history of further delaying flights then.
Please see the screeenshots of the mails and chats I had with him for the last 6 months for the payment to understood yourself the baseless accusations he is putting on us:

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Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 22.18.35


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Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 22.24.36

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 22.24.43Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 22.24.50

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 22.24.57

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Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 22.25.21

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Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 22.26.19Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 22.26.28

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Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 22.18.53

Now, with all the proof ,Hope you know who is not keeping up their word.

Balaji Blog post :

“I see that there is an attack launched on me by Hrish Thota and Nivedith Gajapathy on twitter. I am writing this not to shield myself but to put up my perspective.

I did invite the bloggers from Bangalore for an event back in December when I was consulting an agency before my current employer. I took charge of following up and this is the sequence of happenings:

1. December 12, 2015. #DinnerAtDeccan was hosted for the client, Deccan Plaza. Nivedith & I were friends and we are of same profile. Was and IS very happy that he is on his own today, he had started up GV Media Tech and has got an impressive clientele.

2. The arrangement was that, I agreed and got concurrence from my client to pay Hrish and Nivedith INR 10000 each, overall INR 22900 including taxes plus travel and hospitality, which is common when invited for events.

3. I booked tickets on Air Pegasus for them, onward travel to Chennai was comfortable while the return flight was initially delayed by three hours and later got cancelled.

On December 13, 2015. I was looking out for their return tickets through my travel agent and we had limited number of flights to Bangalore. However, at 2PM, we managed to find another flight at 4:15 (guess it is spicejet), in the meantime there was an Air India flight in which they flew back.

While I was looking for flights for their return, Nivedith said that he would take care of the return and there was an acceptance to reimburse.

Here is the trouble:

It is found that Nivedith flew Business Class, and the ticket to Bangalore was around INR 16000 for himself, overall resulting in INR26000 (including Hrish and Aravind’s). I am not claiming it any wrong, I was confident of paying back, because it is anyway the client to whom we will bill to!

We did send bills to the client, and the payments were released after a month. All payments pertaining to the event was released except their return travel. I MEAN TO SAY THAT THE COMMITTED FEE FOR BLOGGING, OF INR 20000 (PLUS TAXES) WAS PAID TO THEM. TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT STILL STANDS ON THOUGH. I tried to persuade with the client on this, for which the client ran an analysis to say, that there was another flight in 45 minutes (spicejet, I guess) after the 3:30PM Air India that they flew on, in which the ticket costed was not more than INR4500, while the spend was almost 4x that the person did. Why should I pay here for being very lavish? was the standpoint!

I would respect the client’s standpoint, and ofcourse Nivedith’s as well!! I know he is not being my friend anymore though, I still have great regards on.

I had to, unfortunately, block him on facebook for the reason that he had been digging my old updates purely with an intention attacking me, he did not pay a heed to my words, he has been telling me that there are people who did not pay him for years together. I AM IN THE SAME WORK PROFILE AS HE IS, AND WON’T I DO MY BEST TO SORT THESE OFF?

To the fellow influencers who are attacking me, hope you know the pain of being in the client services sector. I cannot attack an ‘aasthana’ client and become enemies just like that, they have been our (previous employer) pillars of growth.

All these happened because, Air Pegasus cancelled the flight on December 13th, why did they not attack them and rather attack me? I am a soft target! Easy prey!! Let me be.

To everyone, you may think I am a defaulter, having taken charge, I would look like and I would accept being so! In fact, I did some miscommunication in between as well and I APOLOGIZE FOR IT! I did not run away with their money, nor I am a thief. Being plain, that transaction did not happen and I see that that won’t as well!! There is a delay due to obvious reasons which everyone would understand.

I respect people more than money, and now in the expense of my reputation. I am not shying away being philosophical. Being candid now, I am not with the company with which I could liaise in, on this situation, however I shall speak to and coordinate. In parallel, I would pay back from my own pockets as well, I am not in a right position to do that, considering my commitments in terms of my fitness issues. I am not running away, I am just taking time.

I refrained from replying because all communications were abusive because I know the value of a relationship and issues are temporary, but I am still working on resolving his issues. I am not the defaulter here, except for the reason that I am the communication channel for them. Again, I AM JUST TAKING TIME. I WILL DO WHAT I HAD COMMITTED, though it is not my task now.”



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